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Hypo Allergenic Disposable S9/AirSense/AirStart/AirCurve 1010 CPAP Filters

By ResMed  |  Item No.: 36856, 36857, 36858
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Top Notch Disposable Hypo-Allergenic Filter

Replaceable Protective Filters

The Disposable Hypo-Allergenic Filter for the S9/AirSense/AirStart/AirCurve 10 Series by ResMed is a splendidly designed piece of material which will add significantly to the quality of your sleep apnea therapy. This hypo-allergenic filter will block particles from cluttering your machine and promote a more hygienic breathing experience. This filter has an inner and outer layer - the inner layer filters out relatively small particles and the outer layer blocks larger materials and debris. This filter is remarkably easy to install and can last between 3-6 weeks depending on the specifics of your situation. If your filter ever appears noticeably dirty it should be replaced immediately in order to maximize hygiene.


A versatile accessory, this disposable hypo-allergenic filter will work with all CPAP and BiPAP (VPAP) machines from the S9 series by ResMed. Specifically, this filter works with the S9 VPAP S, S9 VPAP Auto, S9 VPAP ST, S9 VPAP Adapt SV, S9 Escape, S9 Elite and S9 AutoSet.


  • Physical dimensions - Approximately 2.125 inches by 1.4375 inches
  • Composition - made of non-woven acrylic and polypropylene fibers
  • Works with all S9 series CPAP and BiPAP (VPAP) machines
  • Particularly beneficial for patients with allergies
  • Blocks particles from clogging your machine
  • Should be replaced roughly every 3-6 weeks
  • Composed of outer layer and inner layer
  • Promotes hygienic air
  • Easy to install



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