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Headgear for FitLife Full Face Mask

Headgear for FitLife Full Face Mask

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FitLife Full Face Mask Headgear

General Overview

The Headgear for the FitLife Full Face Mask by Philips Respironics is a top notch item which promotes optimal performance and provides patients with a high degree of comfort. This replacement headgear is lightweight, easy to apply and can be adjusted manually to achieve an individualized fit. The FitLife headgear replacement has special EZ Peel tabs which allow patients to make adjustments to suit their particular head size and shape. With this headgear patients will enjoy a totally unobstructed field of vision.

Snap Clips

The snap clips for the FitLife headgear are a highly convenient feature which allow patients to rapidly and easily detach the headgear from the frame. What's more, the snap clips permit easy reattachment and will preserve prior adjustments so patients will not have to constantly refit their headgear.

Sizing and Compatibility

This replacement headgear is available in three sizes - small, large, extra large. Though every mask comes with headgear of corresponding size (i.e. small with small, large with large, etc.), any size headgear is compatible with any size mask. This replacement headgear is designed to work with all FitLife Full Face Masks by Respironics.


  • Snap clips enable easy reattachment and preserve unique adjustments
  • EZ Peel tabs allow for quick and simple adjustment
  • Comes in either a light blue or light gray color
  • Works with all FitLife Full Face CPAP Masks
  • Comfortable and personalized fit
  • Comes in size small, large, extra large
  • Unobstructed field of vision
  • Excellent replacement item


Basic Fitting Tips for the FitLife Mask by Philips Respironics




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