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Quattro Air For Her CPAP Full Face Mask Headgear - ResMed

62758, 62759

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This is a replacement headgear for the Quattro Air for Her Full Face CPAP Mask from ResMed. It comes available in small and standard sizes, which fit most patients.

Replacement Headgear for Quattro Air for Her Mask

Comfortable and Easy Fitting Headgear

The replacement headgear for the Quattro Air for Her CPAP Nasal Mask by ResMed is a comfortable, durable piece of equipment that should contribute to high-quality therapy for patients. This headgear is colored pink for female users. It is important to change your headgear periodically in order to ensure an optimal experience; toward this end, the replacement headgear for the Quattro Air by ResMed is an affordable and sensible solution.

Easy Fitting Procedure

The Quattro Air for Her CPAP mask is exceptionally easy to fit: first, make sure the bottom chin straps are detached, and then place the top portion over your head and adjust the forehead straps; next, bring the chin straps forward and hook them to the mask; then adjust the chin straps for a comfortable fit; finally, readjust the forehead straps after connecting your mask to your CPAP machine so as to achieve a reliable seal. Then you're finished!

Quattro Air for Her Full Face Mask Headgear Features

  • Available in two sizes: small (product no. 62758) and standard (product no. 62759)
  • SoftEdge design features rolled-edge fabric which promotes comfort and prevents facial marks
  • Adjustable forehead strap
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Should be replaced roughly every 6 months
  • Straightforward fitting procedure
62758, 62759
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