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System One 60 Series Advanced BiPAP ST C Series with Heated Humidifier

System One 60 Series Advanced BiPAP ST C Series with Heated Humidifier
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System One 60 Series Advanced BiPAP ST C Series with Heated Humidifier
By Philips Respironics  |  Item No.: DS1060TS, DS1060HS
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System One Advanced BiPAP S/T with Heated Humidifier

Top Flight BiPAP Device

The System One Advanced BiPAP S/T 1060 Machine with Heated Humidifier by Philips Respironics is a high performance sleep apnea machine equipped with a plethora of high-tech features. The Philips System One has Resistance Control technology, Auto-Trak Sensitivity, spontaneous and spontaneous/timed triggers, advanced event detection and other functions as well. This Philips Respironics BiPAP ST will provide stellar therapy without hassle, discomfort or complication.

IPAP and EPAP Support

System One Advanced delivers inhalation and exhalation support unlike traditional CPAP machines. This enables a smoother breathing process that's far more comfortable because users are not competing against constant pressure. Exhalation support is especially critical for those with high pressure prescription.

Resistance Control

Resistance Control technology allows you the freedom to select whichever mask suits your need without having to worry about potential negative repercussions. By using a numbering system, Resistance Control detects the resistance of your mask and then adjusts your system automatically to ensure that you receive optimal pressure levels throughout therapy.

Auto-Trak Sensitivity

Digital Auto-Trak Sensitivity is an advanced algorithm which is able to carefully monitor your breathing pattern and take account of leaks which occur during therapy. When Auto-Trak detects a leak it will respond accordingly so that your therapy won't be derailed or disrupted.

Spontaneous/Timed Triggers

Respironics spontaneous and spontaneous timed triggers allows you to better customize your therapy experience by responding to manual indication rather than automatic variables while providing persistent ventilation support no matter the given circumstance. These triggers will either provide automatic adjustments or manual adjustments depending on your preference: automatic adjustments will let your Philips System One device do the work, and the manual option will give you more deliberate control.

Patient Management

Encore and DirectView automatically tracks your treatment, and records it in a simple format that brings actionable data to you and your healthcare provider. You will be able to look at key data including short term and long term breathing patterns, tidal volume, breaths per minute, and even leakage. SD Cards, ethernet and wireless connections, and broadband modems are all supported on this device for exporting data.

EPAP Technology

EPAP technology assists System One in analyzing airways to determine whether they are clear or obstructed. It accomplishes this by employing the Auto-Titrating Algorithm which enables the BiPAP to operate like an Auto CPAP or Auto BiPAP device. EPAP enables this Philips Respironics BiPAP device to recognize and adapt to any condition change such as a drop in weight or medication.

Humidification System with Heated Tubing (Optional)

Receiving adequate humidification should be among the chief concerns of sleep apnea patients since humidification can eliminate the negative side effects of therapy. The humidifier attached to the Philips System One 1060 will monitor the temperature and humidity of your surrounding environment and then maintain optimal humidity levels during sleep. With the humidification system for the 1060 you won't have to worry about nasal congestion, dryness, sore throat or other undesirable effects. The optional heated tube reduces rainout and controls the air temperature for a more personalized humidification process.

Respironics System One Ds1060 BiPAP ST C Features

  • Spontaneous & Timed triggers - automatic and manual adjustments
  • Encore and DirectView programs
  • Resistance Control technology
  • Advanced exhalation support
  • Comes with plastic tubing
  • Auto-Trak Sensitivity

RX Required.

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