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SimplyGo Travel Oxygen Concentrator

SimplyGo Travel Oxygen Concentrator
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SimplyGo Travel Oxygen Concentrator
By Philips Respironics  |  Item No.: 1068987
Price   $4,995.00  $2,995.00

An Oxygen Concentrator for Those on the Go!

A Device for the Mobile Oxygen User

The SimplyGo Travel Oxygen Concentrator from Philips Respironics is ideal for the oxygen user who can't stay in the same place! At 10 pounds, the SimplyGo Oxygen Concentrator is light and consequently easy to carry and store on journeys of any size. This Oxygen Concentrator is also simple to operate and possesses numerous features which make it very user friendly.

A Unique Item in the Market

This Respironics oxygen concentrator is unique because it offers 3 distinct modes which users can choose between at their will: continuous, pulse dose & sleep mode. It is the only portable oxygen concentrator which has these 3 modes. It also offers several features which are sure to enhance the user experience: it has both visual and audible alarms (perfect for those with hearing issues), it comes with an immediately usable battery which can be changed with ease, and it also includes a mobile cart and carrying case which should make traveling a bit easier.


  • Includes mobile cart and carrying case
  • Easy to carry - only 10 pounds
  • Provides both continuous and pulse dose delivery
  • Features a convenient sleep mode
  • Offers both visual and audible alarms
  • Comes with an instantly usable battery which is easily changeable
  • Store additional batteries in the zippered pouch or accessories bag

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