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AirSep Freestyle Backpack Straps AirSep Freestyle Backpack Straps
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AirSep Freestyle Backpack Straps

By AirSep  |  Item No.: MI284-1
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AirSep Freestyle Backpack Strap

With extra mobility being key to most users, the AirSep FreeStyle backpack strap provides just that. Now there is an easier method to transport your portable oxygen concentrator. Featuring comfortable padded back support and well padded shoulder straps that are adjustable allows a fit for users of any size and shape. Plus, there is extra ventilation throughout creating an airy effect. Your FreeStyle Portable Oxygen concentrator can easily fit into the backpack along with the accessories you carry for your device. Cleaning is a breeze as the oxygen backpack is machine washable so simply just toss it into the washer and relax knowing it will come out clean. Are you an outdoor traveling connoisseur? If you are the type that loves to travel outdoor and/or live an active lifestyle then this portable oxygen backpack is going to be your best friend or as we prefer to call it the "perfect companion" for that active lifestyle..

This product is the strap only. The bag holding the oxygen concentrator is not included.

  • Straps are Ergonomical
  • Completely Machine Washable
  • Long Lasting Durable Construction


If you already have a carrying case then all that is needed is the harness. A standard carrying case is included with your purchase of the FreeStyle portable oxygen concentrator so these straps will complete it.


Is this compatible with all FreeStyle models from AirSep?

Yes all FreeStyle portable oxygen concentrators work with the AirSep FreeStyle Backpack.


SKU: 1693