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StretchgearHeadgear, Zest Nasal Mask

StretchgearHeadgear, Zest Nasal Mask
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StretchgearHeadgear, Zest Nasal Mask
By Fisher & Paykel  |  Item No.: 400HC314, 400HC316
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Stretchgear Headgear for the Zest Nasal Mask

General Outline

The Stretchgear Headgear for the Zest Nasal Mask is a smartly designed, high quality piece of equipment which will add significantly to your therapy experience. The stretchgear headgear is easy to both apply and remove and will provide a personalized fit. This replacement headgear is available in two sizes and features a crown shaped configuration which will assist in creating a customized fit. The stretchgear headgear should be cleaned regularly and should generally be replaced every three months in order to guarantee adequate hygiene.


This replacement headgear is compatible with the following masks: the Zest Q Nasal CPAP Mask, the Zest Nasal CPAP Mask and the Lady Zest Q Nasal CPAP Mask. Notably, the stretchgear headgear is not compatible with any other mask by F&P or different manufacturers.


  • Compatible with the Zest and Zest Q Nasal Masks
  • Available in two sizes - petite and standard
  • Should be replaced roughly every 3 months
  • Requires regular upkeep and maintenance
  • Easy to apply and move
  • Crown shaped design
  • Replacement item

Cleaning Instructions for the Zest Nasal Mask by F&P

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