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Stratus 5 Oxygen Concentrator - 3B Medical - 5 LPM, Continuous FlowStratus 5 Oxygen Concentrator - 3B Medical - 5 LPM, Continuous FlowStratus 5 Oxygen Concentrator - 3B Medical - 5 LPM, Continuous Flow

Stratus 5 Oxygen Concentrator - 3B Medical - 5 LPM, Continuous Flow

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Stratus 5 Stationary Oxygen Concentrator by 3B Medical

The Stratus 5 oxygen concentrator by 3B Medical delivers supplemental oxygen for those who require oxygen therapy. It provides from 0.5L to 5L per minute of oxygen concentration 93% ± 5%. It also comes with many safety features to help keep you protected.

Reliable and quiet

Providing from 0.5L to 5L per minute of concentrated oxygen, the Stratus 5 is one of the most reliable oxygen concentrators in the market. The built-in oxygen monitor has easy-to-read LED indicators so you can check the status of your device at any time. It also uses innovative cooling technology to help keep the machine last longer. The device also comes with a noise compressor that is specially placed to dampen the noise levels of operation.

Safety features

The machine comes with multiple alarms: an abnormal temperature alarm, low oxygen purity alarm, power failure alarm, pressure alarm, low flow alarm, and thermistor fault alarm. It also comes with a timer.

Sleek design with easy operation

The slim line design of the machine makes it easier to store and move. Underneath the device, there are four 360 degree wheels that can help you transport the machine where it needs to go. It will roll over any type of flooring, including carpet. The intuitive screen panel makes it easy to change settings.



Q: What are the dimensions, weight, and voltage of the Stratus 5?
A: The Stratus 5 comes at a size of 15.3 x 9 x 23.6 inches. It weighs 15.5kg. Voltages are 120V ± 12V, 60HZ ± 1HZ. Its rated power W is 320.

Q: How should I clean my device?
A: Depending on the environmental conditions, the concentrator should be cleaned at least once a week to maintain pure airflow. To clean your device, first remove the intake cover and sponge mesh filter. Rinse and air-dry the sponge. Then, put the filter back into the device and attach the cover.

Reviewer’s tip

Because the Stratus 5 has four wheels that roll like a suitcase, it’s easy to take it where I need it in my house.
Pressure Range
0.5 to 5 LPM
AC Input
120 VAC / 60 Hz
AC Power Supply
120 VAC ±10%, 600 W, 60 Hz
3 years Manufacture's Warranty
Sound Level
<45 db
Hepa Paper Filter, Sponge Filter, Bacteria Filter
DC Power
Not Available
15.3 x 9 x 23.6 Inches
Min Oxygen Concentration
93% +/- 5%
Oxygen Flow
0.5-5 LPM
Power Consumption
320 Watts Average
34.17 lbs (15.5kg)

Stratus 5 Oxygen Concentrator
Power cord
User manual
Nasal cannula
Water bottle (for humidification)

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Question Alarm sounding and machine stops producing oxygen.
Have you checked for any kinks in the tubing? Please call your provider for troubleshooting if the issue persists.
Posted: 04/12/2024
Question How does the machine create the concentrated oxygen? I am curious as to the process…we bought one already for our puppy who is having lung issues as a preventive measure while we are waiting for her meds to kick in.

On the surface it seems to work fine and love the way it wheels around since it is not exactly light gif my wife to move as needed..,

The concentrator creates oxygen-rich air by pulling surrounding air into the concentrator machine, compressing it, purifying it and removing nitrogen and other impurities. The product you get is purified, oxygen-rich air. The concentration average is 93% +/- 5%.
Posted: 02/16/2022
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