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PureSom Classic Chin Strap

PureSom Classic Chin Strap


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PureSom Classic Chin Strap

Overview of the Classic Chin Strap

The PureSom Classic Chin Strap by Tiara Medical Solutions is a superbly designed piece of equipment which possesses a simple, user friendly configuration and enhances your therapy experience. The PureSom classic addresses the issue of mouth breathing - mouth breathing during therapy causes dry mouth and reduces therapy effectiveness, and so the PureSom classic chin strap will help you maintain a closed mouth and avoid such consequences. The PureSom classic is easy to fit and will rest comfortably against your face.

Convenient Design

The PureSom classic chin strap by Tiara Medical Solutions boasts a single strap, over-the-head design which straightforward and user friendly. To apply the device, simply place your chin inside the chin cup and then slip the strap over your head and adjust to suit your head size. When properly fitted, the classic chin strap should keep your mouth closed for the entire duration of your therapy session and maximize your results.


  • Works with nasal masks and nasal pillow masks
  • Rests comfortably against your cheeks
  • Prevents leaks and maximizes results
  • Keeps mouth closed during therapy
  • Easy application and removal
  • Simple single strap design
  • Comes in ruby red


The Basics of CPAP Chin Straps




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by Nate D Date Added: Friday 10 April, 2015

Very simple and very easy to use. Ive used this chin strap for years and it works great!

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