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Philips DreamWear Full Face CPAP Mask

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Philips DreamWear Full Face CPAP MaskPhilips DreamWear Full Face CPAP Mask
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Philips DreamWear Full Face CPAP Mask

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DreamWear Full Face Mask – Philips Respironics

The DreamWear full face CPAP mask shares the same unique soft, flexible silicone frame with the DreamWear nasal mask line. The DreamWear frame delivers airflow to the mask from a top of the head connection to the CPAP machine. The DreamWear full face cushion is an under the nose, over the mouth cushion instead of the traditional triangular full face cushion that covers the entire nose. As a result, the sleep apnea user has an open field of vision, and the mask has fewer points of contact on the face, reducing red marks and discomfort. The forehead and the bridge of the nose are untouched by the mask. The innovative DreamWear Full mask frame is also compatible with DreamWear nasal pillows and DreamWear nasal cushions, giving the CPAP user affordable flexibility for their sleep apnea therapy.


  • Full face mask with minimal contact to nose and forehead
  • Over the mouth, under the nose cushion
  • Top of the head connection

All-around comfort

The DreamWear line of CPAP masks have minimal contact to the head and the face. The soft silicone mask frame rests gently along the sides of your face and moves with you as you move in your sleep. The flow from the CPAP machine travels through the frame to the mask's cushion. Since there are no hard plastic pieces, sleeping comfortably on your side is possible once the mask is fitted correctly. Fabric wraps are included and can be placed on the silicone frame if you prefer the feel of cloth.

Over the mouth but not over the nose

The cushion on the DreamWear Full face mask covers the nostrils and the entire mouth. Traditional full face masks have a triangular shape and cover the entire nose and mouth. The DreamWear full face cushion is oval-shaped, occluding the nostrils at the top edge and extending below the lower lip. Consequently, the sensitive bridge of the nose is untouched. The innovative full face cushion keeps your field of vision clear, accommodates glasses, and allows you to easily read or watch TV as you drift off to sleep. Fewer contact points on the face mean there is less surface area for leaks and red marks to occur.

Thanks to a modular design for cushion insertion, the DreamWear Full frame is compatible with DreamWear nasal pillows and DreamWear nasal mask cushions. For patients newly diagnosed with sleep apnea, the modularity permits affordable experimentation while they discover what type of mask helps them get the best night’s rest.

Elbow connection on the head

The DreamWear frame connects to the CPAP machine via an elbow located at the crown of the head. Flow travels from the elbow connection on top of the headgear through the silicone frame to the cushion under the nose. Most CPAP machines connect to the front of the mask at the cushion. The top of the head connection keeps the CPAP tubing out of the way all night long and delivers freedom of movement.

Sizing and Fitting

The Philips Respironics DreamWear Full mask comes in a choice of three frame sizes (small, medium, and large) four face cushion sizes (small, medium, large, & medium-wide). Careful sizing of both the mask cushion and the frame is vital to fully benefit from all the novel features this mask offers.

The cushion rests entirely under the nose. No part of the nose should fit inside the cushion opening. The medium frame is a good starting point for most people. The frame should not touch the ears or eyes. A sizing guide for the face cushion is available here. Select the smallest size that extends past the edges of the nose.

A Fit Pack option includes all four sizes of cushions and a medium frame. The DreamWear Full mask is sold in a variety of other packaging options, as well.


To get the best fit for comfort and effective CPAP or BiPAP delivery:

  1. First, place the cushion under the nose.
  2. Next, position the elbow connector at the top of the head.
  3. Pull the headgear behind the head.
  4. Attach the headgear clips to the cushion.
  5. Adjust the top straps first.
  6. Adjust the bottom straps last.

Do not overtighten the headgear. Overtightening can make leaks worse. If you cannot get an effective seal without overtightening, consider changing cushion or frame sizes.


Recommended cleaning frequency

  • Daily: mask cushion, frame, elbow, and tubing quick release
  • Weekly: headgear and fabric wraps

Cleaning process

  • Wash in warm soapy water using a mild dish soap.
  • Rinse thoroughly in clean water.
  • All parts should be air dried out of direct sunlight.

Dishwasher option:
Once a week, the frame, cushion, elbow, and quick-release connector can also be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher.

  • Place in top dishwasher rack.
  • Use a mild detergent.
  • Use the air-dry cycle or lay flat to air dry away from direct sunlight.
  • Do not put any fabric parts in the dishwasher.

Important: Do not clean with products containing alcohol, scents, antibacterial agents, antiseptics, bleach, chlorine, or moisturizers. Do not soak any parts for more than 10 minutes.

Component Materials

  • Full face cushion: Silicone polycarbonate, magnetic clips
  • Frame: Silicone Polycarbonate
  • Elbow: Polycarbonate
  • Tubing & Quick Release: Polycarbonate
  • Headgear: Polyurethane Foam, nylon/spandex, thermoplastic elastomer, magnetic clips
  • Fabric wraps: Polyester/spandex

Warning: The clips and mask contain magnets and should be kept at least two inches away from active medical devices like pacemakers, defibrillators, and other implants. Consult your healthcare provider.

Operating Range 4 to 30 cmH20


How do I know if the frame fits me?
The frame should not lean back toward your ears. If it does, you may need a smaller frame. The silicone frame should not fall forward toward your eyes. If it does, you may need a larger frame.

Does this mask work with the DreamWear’s new headgear with arms?
No, the recently introduced DreamWear headgear with arms is not currently compatible with the DreamWear Full face cushion. The full face cushion needs unique headgear to ensure best fit and comfort. The DreamWear nasal gel pillows and the DreamWear nasal cushions are interchangeable with this frame and the included headgear, however. In addition, the headgear with arms can be used with the frame from the DreamWear Full mask if using the DreamWear nasal pillows or DreamWear nasal cushion instead of the full face cushion.

Final comments

The DreamWear full face mask is a dream come true for CPAP and BiPAP users who breathe through their mouths or need higher pressures than a nasal mask can effectively deliver but who feel claustrophobic in a standard full face mask that covers the entire nose and reduces their field of vision. The option to interchange the face cushion with the DreamWear nasal pillows and the DreamWear nasal cushion brings considerable value to a sleep apnea patient who wants to experiment to find the best device for them or who might benefit from using different styles of masks on different nights.

SKU: 1734
  Model1133400, 1133375, 1133376, 1133377, 1133378, 1133380, 1133381, 1133382, 1133383, 1133385, 1133387, 1133388, 1133390, 1133391, 1133392, 1133393
  HCPCS CodeA7030
  Large Frame22 inches
  Medium Frame20 inches
  Small Frame19 inches
  Warranty90 days warranty on primary parts only

Philips Respironics DreamWear Silicone Frame
Philips Respironics DreamWear Full Face Cushion(s)
Philips Respironics DreamWear Full Headgear
Philips Respironics DreamWear Cloth Frame Wraps
Philips Respironics DreamWear Elbow Connector The Fit Pack includes the medium frame and four sizes of cushions. The DreamWear Full mask comes in a variety of other packaging options as well to allow you to mix and match frame and cushion selections based on your needs.

5 star
4 star
3 star
2 star
1 star
by Matthew C Date Added: 06/21/2021

Subject: Design flaw
The mask is comfortable and fairly easy to sleep in since I am a stomach sleeper. My issue with it is that it keeps breaking at the point where the hoses and straps attach to the facemask. There is just a small clip that the attachment clips on hold the entire hose and headgear assemblies to your face and head and this breaks every easily. Other than that, I like the mask but when that happens in the middle of the night and the same mask that is a backup has already broken like that too, it's frustrating.

I am sorry to hear this, Please give us a call so we can take care of this for you.
Your Respshop Team

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars!
by Rich W Date Added: 01/20/2020

I have been using a CPAP machine for over 20 years now. I have learned over time that my delivery system needs change with time. What was perfect a few years ago doesn't work as well for me today. So, from time to time, I experiment with different delivery systems to see if there is a more comfortable and/or a more effective solution. I have been really pleased with Respironics products over the years and decided to see if, once more, a full face mask was a better solution than the nasal pillows I have been using the last 5 years or so.

The mask is an easy fit and very comfortable for me. The top of the head air connection works very well. It's out of the way and non-obtrusive. It is really easy to get in and out of and does not leave one searching for a clasp in the middle of the night. However, with all the positives and with really no complaints about the fit, the quality and the effectiveness of the mask, I still find the full face mask to be a less comfortable solution than the nasal pillows. This is the third time I have experimented with a full mask and I must say this is by far the best of the three. However, I still find the pillows more comfortable over a full night. I will probably try it again sometime in the future as there is no need for a chin strap when using the mask. I fine that very appealing.

Also this is a good time to say I have also been very pleased with CPAPman's service since my first purchase from them over 20 years ago.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
by John E Date Added: 07/15/2019

I can ware the nasal mask, because it feels like I'm suffocating whenever my mouth opens. The fuel face helps even with a beard, and I do have to ware it a bit snug, but no problems with leaks. I also love the hose adapter swivel on the top, no more waking up with the hose wrapped around my neck.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
by Melinda F Date Added: 04/10/2019

I was unable to use the Dream nasal mass due to nasal inflammation. The dream wear flow facemask is very comparable. My only complaint is it does leak air when you lay on the side of your face unless you have the mask really tight, which should not be necessary, and leaves worse marks on the face. I would by this again.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars!
by Robert M Date Added: 02/04/2019

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
by David S Date Added: 01/26/2019

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
by Dwayne C Date Added: 09/15/2018

This mask is fantastic No leaks, it's comfortable and works just as well as my nasal pillows mask. if you wear it right and get the correct size then it should work like it's supposed to.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
by Richard S Date Added: 09/04/2018

I bought this mask because it has a money back guarantee if you're not satisfied but when I return turned because it leaks and blow's air into your eyes It was impossible to sleep,So when I returned the mask with in a few days I was informed that it was a store credit you don't get your money back just order junk products.Biggest Ripp off every.

Rating: 1 of 5 Stars!
by Larry L Date Added: 07/13/2018

Respironics Dreamwear full Face Capp Mask works bette4 for me then did the nasal only mask.
As one that tends to breath through their mouth as well as their nose this mask really works well.
Did not care for using a chin strap. The full face mask took some getting use to by that I mean a couple of nights.
It is atop quality product and I would not be without it. A five out of five stars. Product

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
by Bob T Date Added: 07/09/2018

This is a great mask. Seals comfortably by itself. Virtually no leaking. East to clean with warm water and mild soap (baby shampoo). No strap marks across face, and unblocked vision. I give it a five.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
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Q: I like the idea of having the hose connecter being on top of the head but not sure how to figure out what size I would need (Asked on 09/11/2021)
I would suggest getting the fitpack (M Frame S/M/L/MW Cushions - 1133400) which has all 4 cushions or using the size gauge available on our website (link below).
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