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Philips FitLife Full Face CPAP Mask

Made in United State

Philips FitLife Full Face CPAP Mask

1060801, 1060802, 1089991

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The FitLife Total Face CPAP Mask with Headgear is an effective alternative to traditional CPAP masks. It's cushion entirely encompasses the nose and mouth.

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A Leading Alternative Among Face Masks

Non-Conventional CPAP Mask

Occasionally, patients with sleep apnea are unable to wear traditional CPAP face masks due to obstructive facial hair, dentures, facial irregularities, claustrophobia or other issues. The FitLife Total Face CPAP Mask with Headgear by Respironics functions as an effective alternative to traditional masks for such people. If you find yourself unable to use a conventional CPAP face mask, the Total Face FitLife CPAP mask allows you to receive high-quality therapy with minimal discomfort.

Functional, Effective and Comfortable

An exquisite design and a plethora of impressive features. The large surface area of the FitLife mask guarantees minimal irritation; though it is placed over your entire face, users maintain a relatively clear line of vision. Moreover, the perimeter seal contains silicon cushion which simultaneously promotes greater stability and comfort.

FitLifeFull Face Mask with Headgear Features

  • Three mask sizes: Small, Large and Extra large 
  • Large surface area ensure low irritation and relatively clear line of sight
  • Avoid skin irritation and allergic reactions with latex-free design
  • Radial diffusion ports release exhaled air quietly and also steer air away from your bed partner
  • Unique swivel design makes more tubing movement possible
  • Silicon cushion installed along perimeter seal produces maximum convenience
  • Snap clips make fitting and adjustment considerably easier
  • EZ Peel makes headgear removal easier and also aids with adjustment


  • Faceplate Polycarbonate
  • Cushion Silicone
  • Elbow & Swivel Polycarbonate
  • Headgear Clips Acetal
  • Headgear UBL/Urethane foam/Lycra
  • Pressure levels: 4-40 cm H20

SKU: 15
  Model1060801, 1060802, 1089991
  HCPCS CodeA7030
  Weight1 lb 6 Oz
  Warranty90 Day Manufacturers Warranty
  UPC Code00606959004115
  • FitLife Total Face Mask
  • Adjustable Headgear
by Ken D Date Added: 04/08/2019

The mask is awesome, fits well with the correct tightness in four main areas. Upper right and left head & jaw right and left. I'm dealing with allergies, and when I use this mask it's not depending on only my nose to give me my apnea theropy. Is works when I'm breathing or of my mouth. It is also a world of difference from the other supposed 'fullface' makes that only cover nose and mouth. Which for the right person is fine, for me it pitched off one or both of my nostrils. I could adjust but, is uncomfortable. This mask checks of all the boxes. Thanks CPAPMAN!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
by Lulu M Date Added: 10/08/2018

I think this mask would be fine but is too small for me.

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars!
by Connie R Date Added: 09/25/2017

I have used this mask for the past 4 years and I love it. I used other masks, but they always seem to leak around my nose and blow air into my eyes. I have Glaucoma, and West Macular Degeration and my eyes are dry to begin with. I would wake up with very painful dry eyes and a headache. My sleep doctor said several years ago that I was beginning to open my mouth and breath also, so I had to begin wearing a chin strap. That was the last straw! I tried this mask and it was wonderful. It slips on and off easily with the side attachments and because the seal is all around from your forehead to your chin there is no leaking air at all.

Two things I've noticed: 1 - It will begin to leak when it needs replacing from the oils on your skin affecting the seal. But that takes over a year generally.
2 - Ocassionally I have slept with the side snap against my face too tightly and it leaves a mark for several hours.

Neither of these things are reason enough to stop using it. Many other masks have come out since I started using Fitlife, but I don't want to try them in fear they still seem to fit the same way. My eyes are set close together and I think that adds to the fitting problem. With the Fitlife, it doesn't matter if I mouth-breath because my mouth is completely inside the mask.

The seal is very soft and plyable and I sometimes have to lift the mask up from my face to make sure I've turned the air on. I can't feel anything blowing on my face and just a slight suction when the air is first turned on.

I recommend this mask to anyone who doesn't want to use a chin strap or who continues to have leaks around the eyes from the nose bridge.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
by Daniel Date Added: 08/09/2017

Head gear is a challenge. The picture is not the one I got.

Rating: 2 of 5 Stars!
by Happy O Date Added: 02/25/2016

This mask saved the day for me a couple of years ago. I had to have 5 surgeries reconstructing my nose after cancer. This was the only mask I could use that would go over my skin grafts etc. Yes, it took a little getting used to, but I am grateful it was available!!! All is well now.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
by Roland E Date Added: 09/05/2014

My doctor recommend me to get this mask with my cpap machine and I have NO IDEA why the heck he would want me to have a mask that cover my ENTIRE face. It is really awkward wearing this thing. I feel like when I'm wearing this mask I feel like an astronaut. I had to change masks because of how claustrophobic this mask made me.

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars!
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Q: How can I avoid this mask from fogging up? (Asked on 04/30/2022)
Keep the mask clean and in a warm area to help fogging. But because it is a total mask that covers everything fogging will happen.
Q: I am sensitive to silicone and do better with a mask liner- does this full face mask have a type of liner that i can use with it? (Asked on 08/08/2022)
Hi there, we sell mask liners here:

If you click on the drop down menu, select FitLife. Currently we only have Small and XL.
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