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Headgear, Mirage Swift II
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Headgear, Mirage Swift II

By ResMed  |  Item No.: 60526
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Headgear for the Mirage Swift II

Smartly Designed Headgear Piece

The Headgear for the Mirage Swift II by ResMed is a well-constructed piece of equipment which functions splendidly as either a replacement or back-up item. This replacement Mirage Swift 2 headgear includes soft, flexible straps which won't cause discomfort when placed against your head; what's more, this headgear piece has a buckle located on the rear strap which can be connected and detach quickly and easily. This replacement headgear piece is adjustable so patients will be able to achieve a personalized fit without any hassle. With the Resmed Mirage Swift II headgear you can expect that your mask will be held securely in place throughout your entire therapy session.


In order to ensure maximum hygiene it is recommended that users clean their headgear on a regular basis; even with a perfect cleaning regimen, patients should replace their headgear roughly once every three months.


This replacement headgear is designed to work with the Mirage Swift and Mirage Swift II CPAP nasal pillow mask by ResMed. Patients should be informed that this Mirage Swift headgear will not work with any other masks by ResMed or other manufacturers.


  • Requires regular replacement - roughly every three months
  • Compatible with the Mirage Swift and Mirage Swift II
  • Should be cleaned routinely to maximize hygiene
  • Will not obstruct line of vision
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Includes convenient buckle
  • Stylish blue coloring
  • Flexible straps


The Mirage Swift II - Tips on Usage and Care




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