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Swift FX Headgear

Swift FX Headgear


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The Swift FX Headgear by ResMed is made of soft, supple silicone and will yield a stable, personalized fit for patients with Swift FX nasal pillow masks.

Swift FX Headgear

Top Notch Headgear for the Swift FX

The Swift FX Headgear by ResMed is a top-of-the-line replacement headgear piece which enables patients to have a personalized fit and a more secure nasal seal. The Swift FX headgear is compact and lightweight; it is composed of soft, supple silicone material which is highly elastic and will conform to your specific head size and shape. The Resmed Swift FX headgear is very easy to customize and possesses two points of adjustment. The top of the Resmed headgear has a series of notches which help produce a stable fit. The Swift FX headgear promotes overall therapy effectiveness by keeping your mask in place and preventing leakage.


This replacement Resmed Swift FX headgear is designed to work with the Swift FX CPAP nasal pillow mask; it will also work with the feminine Swift FX for Her nasal pillow mask design. What's more, this replacement headgear can also be used as a substitute to Bella Loops for all Swift FX Bella nasal pillow masks.


  • Back strap measures 16.5 inches long (not including the tabs)
  • Top buckle has notches which enable easy adjustment
  • Works for the Swift FX CPAP nasal pillow mask
  • Conforms to your head size and shape
  • Made of supple silicone material
  • Replacement headgear piece
  • Two points of adjustment
  • Compact design
  • Highly elastic
  • Lightweight


Overview of the Swift FX by ResMed




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