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Soft Wrap For Swift FX Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask System

61530, 61544

No Prescription Required

SoftWrap for Swift FX Nasal Pillow System, 2/pkg

Swift FX Soft Wraps

High-Quality Headgear Supplement

The Soft Wraps for the Swift FX by ResMed are excellent accessories that will add stability, comfort, and convenience to your therapy experience. The soft wraps are designed to be worn with your headgear piece; the wraps are composed of soft fleece material and will rest comfortably against your cheeks. With these wraps, you will enjoy a more secure, stable fit and better results. These soft wraps will prevent red marks or unsightly blotches from developing on your face. These wraps are durable, easy to install, and simple to detach.


These soft wraps are designed to work with the headgear for the Swift FX nasal pillow CPAP mask by ResMed. They are not compatible with other masks by either ResMed or different manufacturers.


  • Must be replaced periodically to ensure maximum hygiene and effectiveness
  • Can be worn under the top headgear strap (optional)
  • Prevents red marks and blotches on the face
  • Excellent replacement or backup item
  • Attaches under your headgear piece
  • Requires regular washing/cleaning
  • Made of soft fleece material
  • Adds stability and comfort
  • Available in pink or gray


Fitting Guide for the Swift FX Mask by ResMed




61530, 61544
A7034, A7035
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