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APEX Wizard 320 Full Face Cushion

APEX Wizard 320 Full Face Cushion

SM00047, SM00048, SM00049

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Price: $16.00
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APEX Wizard 320 Full Face Mask Cushion

The APEX Wizard 320 Full Face mask cushion is a replacement part for the Wizard 320 Full Face mask.

Key Features

  • Replacement cushion for Wizard 320 mask
  • Three sizes: S, M, and L
  • Snap on feature for quick assembling and disassembling
  • Designed with curves and grooves to provide a stronger fit


How can I check what size cushion I’m using?
The cushion size should be displayed at the bottom of the cushion. Check there for an S, M, or L indicating its size.

SKU: 1844

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