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S9 ClimateLine Heated Tubing

S9 ClimateLine Heated Tubing

S9 ClimateLine Heated TubingS9 ClimateLine Heated Tubing

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ClimateLine CPAP Tubing

High-Tech CPAP Tubing

The ClimateLine CPAP Tubing by ResMed is a technologically advanced, lightweight and user friendly tool. The ClimateLine tubing is highly flexible and so patients won't cause problems when they shift or move around during sleep; the flexibility of the ClimateLine eliminates mask drag and contributes to a more comfortable overall experience. This tubing is standard length - 6 feet - and boasts an impressive design and will help produce superior results.

Heating Circuit

The ClimateLine CPAP tubing is equipped with a sensitive heating circuit which enables it to help maintain stable humidity levels regardless of outside temperature fluctuations. Working in tandem with the humidifier, the Resmed Climateline Heated Tubing will make automatic adjustments to compensate for external temperature changes; this will guarantee that you receive consistent levels during therapy. This Climateline Tubing has also been designed so as to prevent excessive condensation in order to prevent rainout.


  • Reduces condensation (and therefore prevents rainout)
  • Compatible with ResMed S9 CPAP machines
  • Tube includes a sensitive heating circuit
  • Maintains stable humidity levels
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Eliminates mask drag
  • Length - 6 feet


Climate Control Technology for the ResMed S9 Series




Technical Data

  HCPCS CodeA4604