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Heat/Moisture Exchanger for Z1 Devices
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Heat/Moisture Exchanger for Z1 Devices

By Human Design Medical  |  Item No.: HD60-2100
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Stay Humidified with Heat Moisture Exchange Filters

Humidify While You Exhale

Occasionally, during sleep apnea therapy, patients require additional humidification in order to prevent airways from becoming too dry. This is the purpose of In-Line Heat Moisture Exchange (HME) Filters by Human Design Medical (HDM). These filters are designed to use the air you exhale during therapy to keep your airways humidified. HME filters function as convenient alternatives to water based humidifiers. HME filters are compatible with most CPAP machines, are simple to install, and offer considerable benefits at a low cost.

Simple Installation and Maintenance

To install, simply attach your HME between your CPAP mask and your CPAP tubing. Then merely turn on your CPAP device and the HME will begin capturing heat and moisture and you exhale; the heat and moisture will then be circulated and provide additional humidity.

Heat/Moisture Exchanger for Z1 Travel CPAP Features

  • Alternative to standard water-based humidifiers
  • Requires replacement after approximately 1 week of continuous use
  • Prevents your airways from becoming dried out
  • Works with the majority of CPAP/BiPAP devices
  • Should be stored in a sealed, airtight bag when not being used
  • Easy installation

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