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ICON+ Auto CPAP Machine with Humidifier - Fisher & PaykelICON+ Auto CPAP Machine with Humidifier - Fisher & PaykelICON+ Auto CPAP Machine with Humidifier - Fisher & Paykelyoutube videoYouTube Videoyoutube videoYouTube Videoyoutube videoYouTube Video

ICON+ Auto CPAP Machine with Humidifier - Fisher & Paykel

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Top Notch Auto CPAP Machine

Advanced in its design and elegant in its construction, the ICON+ Auto CPAP (or APAP) Machine with Heated Humidifier by Fisher & Paykel is a fantastic sleep apnea device which has the potential to set a standard in therapy. This ICON+ auto CPAP machine with humidifier is loaded with excellent performance features and includes numerous advanced functions. With the ICON+ you're certain to receive exceptional therapy on a regular basis. Lots of features for a great price

Fisher and Paykel Icon Auto Features

  • Water chamber cleanable by dishwasher or hand
  • Inbuilt alarm clock and mp3 player
  • SensAwake Breathing Algorithm - Automatically reduces pressure when needed 
  • InfoSmart compliance software - Records up to a year of data 
  • Compact & travel friendly
  • Comes with plastic tubing or optional heated tubing 
  • Auto Adjusting Algorithm
  • Leak compensation
  • Automatic Altitude Adjustment 
  • Ramp feature 


Operational Modes: Fixed pressure - CPAP, Automatic Positive Airway Pressure (APAP)
Range of Pressure: 4 - 20 cm H2O
Time of Ramp to Pressure: 0 - 20 Minutes - Adjustable by 5 Minute increments
Power Requirements: 100 to 240V AC, 50 to 60 HZ
Ramp Beginning Pressure: 4 to therapy pressure
CPAP Measurement: 6.3 x 6.7 X 8.7 in
CPAP Total Weight: 4.81 lbs or 2.2kg
Filter Type: Reusable & disposable
Screen Type: LED
Provided Data Card: USB SmartStick
Data Access: infoSMART
Exhale Pressure Relief: No
Automatic Adjustment Altitude Yes
Power AC Adapter
Battery Options: Yes, must be used with a sine-wave inverter
Heated Humidification System: Yes, integrated
Water Chamber Volume: 14.20 oz (420mL)
Noise Level: 29 dB
Warranty Period: 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty
DC Adapter: Unavailable, use sine-wave inverter

Default Settings 

  • Pressure Range: 4-18 cm H2O
  • Menu Style: 1 (Simple Mode)
  • SensAwake: On
  • Humidifier: 4 (level of humidity)

Fisher and Paykel ICON Auto CPAP Machine

E0601, E0562
Pressure Range
4 - 20 cm H2O
Starting Ramp Pressure
4 to therapy pressure
AC Input
100 to 240V AC, 50 to 60 HZ
2 years
Sound Level
29 dB
Operating Modes
Fixed pressure - CPAP, Automatic Positive Airway Pressure (APAP)
6.3 x 6.7 X 8.7 in
Humidifier Included
Ramp Time
0 - 20 Minutes - Adjustable by 5 Minute increments
4.81 lbs or 2.2kg
  • Auto CPAP Machine
  • SmartStick Card
  • Built-in Heated Humidifier
  • Water Chamber
  • Standard CPAP Tube (ICONAAN) or ThermoSmart Heated Tube (ICONAAN-HT)
  • Carrying Case
  • Power Cord
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4 star
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Gary M (Verified Purchase)
I purchase the Icon+auto cpap 12/30/2015. I used it every night until 10/23/2017 until it lost the humidity chamber seal. The screw in lid is a weakness in this product, as that is where the crack occurred. Cpapman was great to issue an immediate warranty REPLACEMENT, and I received it today 10/27/2017.... however it was packaged shabbily and there was no LID in the box with the new cpap... I sent the entire damaged icon with the lid when I requested warranty replacement. Upon calling cpapman about the shortage, they promptly ordered a new lid for me. Word to the wise....if you own an icon + get a backup in case you have to send it in for warranty I still cant use their machine until I get the chamber lid to seal it. MY first cpap lasted 12 years, but this one really disappointed me after 1 year and 10 months. And no extension of warranty. I am not a happy camper.
Regards, Gary Mansfield
Anthony M
This fisher and paykel auto cpap machine costs $1700 here in australia and from you guys it only cost me around $600 which already included the amazingly fast shipping! It's price is like tripled if youre going to buy it here. I loved the built in alarm clock which is really handy cos I wont need an alarm clock anymore because it's already there. And the internal humidifier is outstanding! I travel most of the time and I must say that this is the perfect machine for me because other cpap machines come with the humidifier thats the same size as the machine which takes more space. I highly recommend this machine to every traveler out there.

Deb M
I've now had this machine for 2yrs. My Dr. got me into the Sleep Clinic and they had me stay the night. Their tests showed I needed a machine and provided me FREE this machine. I LIVE IT, it travels well, and I sleep so well with it... but now my mask is torn and leaks air, it takes ages to get to sleep and it wakes me during the night due to malfunction. I want to know why it's so expensive when they recommend the masks be replaced so often? I love my Cpap F&P Icon Machine.
Desmond T
I originally bought this machine because it was affordable but the machine I received was completely different from the picture. It was a better machine that I got and I like the humidifier being built into the machine as opposed to having it attached like the others. Great
Roger A
Aimerais savoir combien me co�terait cet appareil en dollars canadien comprenant le prix de livraison et sans doute de douane.
Merci pour l'information.

Roger Allard
514 462-9100
Wuk H
I would say that F&P+ Auto CPAP is really for me. I am happy with everything of the machine. Beside, I love your
prompt delivery of the goods and such kind assistance.
Wuk-Hee H (Verified Purchase)
Simply, I love this machine because of it's quietness, easy to operate(nothing to car about menu), and most of all, it's low price.
Rod S
Good one mate. oigjajgrogij'p]gog[pojPOJgpoajPOIGJPOIJGPOJpojgfdapoijGPOJIGop
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