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S9 USB Adapter Cable

S9 USB Adapter Cable


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Works with any ResMed S9 Series CPAP or BiPAP machine. This USB adapter cable allows for you to easily monitor and manage your CPAP therapy data on any PC.

USB Adapter Cable for the S9 Series

Brief Survey

The USB Adapter Cable for the S9 Series by ResMed is a convenient and highly useful device which connects your S9 machine directly to a PC for data management purposes. In most cases, patients utilize memory cards to allow transfer of their therapy information from their machine to a PC; the USB obviates the need to use a memory card and simplifies the data transfer process.

Data Transmission

Sharing your therapy data with your physician or healthcare provider is a critical component of your overall data management process. Sharing your data enables you to receive feedback and improve your results. This USB adapter facilitates data sharing and increases the quality of your data management system in general.


This USB cable is compatible with all S9 series machines by ResMed - hence, it will work with the S9 AutoSet, the S9 Elite, the S9 Escape Auto and so forth. The S9 USB Cable will not work with other machines by ResMed or other manufacturers. This cable is also able to work with nearly any personal computer.


  • Accesses your therapy data without a memory card
  • Compatible with all S9 machines by ResMed
  • Improves your data management system
  • Connects the S9 machine to your PC
  • Works with virtually any PC
  • Facilitates data sharing
  • Simple to use

Compliance Management for the S9 Series by ResMed


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