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Mask Frame Only, Liberty Full Face Mask

Mask Frame Only, Liberty Full Face Mask

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Mirage Liberty Mask Frame

Superb Full Face Mask Frame

The Mask Frame for the Mirage Liberty Full Face Mask by ResMed is a superbly designed item which makes an ideal replacement or back-up part. This item contains only the mask frame, it does not include the headgear, cushion or other parts; this allows patients to replace a damaged or broken frame without having to needlessly purchase parts which they have already have. This frame features a compact (or minimalist) design, is very lightweight and provides an open field of vision so patients can watch television or read before falling asleep.

Compact Design

One of the critical features of the Mirage Liberty full face mask frame is its small, compact design. Because of its special minimalist design, this frame is able to rest on your face without causing any noticeable discomfort or irritation. It is unobtrusive and will allow patients to either read or watch television peacefully before dozing off.

Sizing and Compatibility

This mask frame works only with the Mirage Liberty Full Face Mask by ResMed. The Mirage Liberty mask frame is available in two sizes - small and large. Importantly, your cushion size must correspond with your frame size (small cushion works with small frame, large cushion works with large frame).


  • Includes frame only - does not include headgear, cushion or other parts
  • Works exclusively for the Mirage Liberty Full Face Mask
  • Cushion size must match frame size
  • Available in size small and large
  • Excellent replacement item
  • Compact minimalist design
  • Open field of vision
  • Lightweight


Minimalist Design of the Mirage Liberty Full Face Mask




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