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Mirage Activa LT Nasal Mask Frame System with Cushion (No Headgear)

Mirage Activa LT Nasal Mask Frame System with Cushion (No Headgear)

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Mirage Activa LT Frame Assembly

Outstanding Mask Frame Assembly

The Mirage Activa LT Nasal CPAP Mask Frame Assembly by ResMed is an intricate, expertly developed piece of equipment loaded with impressive features, such as ActiveCell technology, MicroFit dial, improved diffusion vents and others as well. This mask frame is designed to promote greater mobility and permit a variety of sleeping positions. What's more, with the Mirage Activa LT frame patients will enjoy exceptionally quiet therapy and higher levels of comfort.

ActiveCell Technology

This mask frame assembly contains an ActiveCell membrane which surrounds the dual walled cushion. The ActiveCell membrane contracts and expands depending on pressure levels and contributes to patient mobility during sleep. This membrane helps prevent over-tightening and therefore protects against the development of undesirable facial marks and blotches; patients will also enjoy a more secure seal and fewer mask leaks.

MicroFit Adjustment Dial

The Mirage Activa LT includes a special MicroFit adjustment dial which allows patients to easily and conveniently personalize their fit and maximize comfort. The MicroFit dial has a total of 24 adjustment points so patients will certainly be able to achieve a desirable fit. Both the cushion and forehead pad move in tandem with the dial while it's being turned; this optimizes the adjustment process and prevents the need to over-tighten your headgear.

Superior Diffusion Vents

This mask frame assembly possesses new and improved exhalation vents have the capacity to diffuse air more softly and quietly than older vents. The vents are arranged in a circular pattern and will channel air away from both you and your bed partner. These new exhalation vents guarantee that patients will not be disturbed by noise or misdirected air.


  • ConvertAble design - works with SoftGel and Mirage Activa LT cushions
  • Compatible with Mirage Activa LT nasal CPAP mask
  • Accommodates a variety of sleeping positions
  • New and improved diffusion vent
  • Includes dual walled cushion
  • Does not include headgear
  • 360 degree elbow rotation
  • ActiveCell technology
  • Quick release swivel
  • Prevents leakage
  • MicroFit dial


Achieving a Desirable Seal for the Mirage Activa LT




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