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ResMed Mirage Liberty CPAP Mask Pillow

By ResMed  |  Item No.: 61333, 61334, 61335
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Replacement Nasal Pillows for the Mirage Liberty

Basic Overview

The Nasal Pillows for the Mirage Liberty Full Face Mask by ResMed are high quality replacement pillow cushions which are designed to rest gently and comfortably beneath the nares and facilitate top notch therapy for CPAP patients. This package contains 1 set of replacement nasal pillows which are composed of high quality silicone material. These nasal pillows will not generate unsightly facial marks or blotches. This package contains the replacement nasal pillows only and does not include the Mirage Liberty headgear, mask frame, short tube or other supplies.

Unique Full Face Mask

The Mirage Liberty Full Face Mask is truly unique among CPAP masks on the market - the Mirage Liberty has a full face design but utilizes a nasal pillow cushion as opposed to a traditional full face nasal cushion. This feature enables the Mirage Liberty to offer a completely open field of vision so patients can read or watch television prior to falling asleep.

Compatibility and Sizing Data

These replacement nasal pillows are designed to work with the Mirage Liberty Full Face Mask by ResMed and will not function correctly with other masks. These pillows are available in three distinct sizes (small, medium and large) so patients can better customize their experience. Conveniently, each of these sizes will work with a Mirage Liberty mask of any size so patients will not have to obtain a mask frame of corresponding size should they choose to procure a new pillow cushion size.


  • Does not include headgear, mask frame, short tube or other accessories
  • Compatible with the Mirage Liberty Full Face Mask by ResMed
  • Available in three distinct sizes - small, medium and large
  • Every pillow size works with any size Mirage Liberty mask
  • Pillows rest comfortably under your nares
  • Package includes 1 set of nasal pillows
  • Made of high quality silicone material
  • Dual wall design

Product Material List :

  • Pillows: Silicone Elastome

A Basic Guide to Fitting the Mirage Liberty Mask




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