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RemZzzs makes a top quality mask liner that helps protect your skin from the inner layer of your cushions. Cushions, especially cushions from old CPAP masks, can rub uncomfortably against the inside of your face and leave red blemishes or stretch marks. To protect yourself from these abrasions, RemZzzs mask liners are constructed to rest between the cushion and your face.

These mask liners can also help you improve the quality of your mask seal. Because some cushions don't rest perfectly against your skin, there might be some cushions that leave pockets of air between your face and the cushion. The mask liners can help bridge this distance, eliminating the air pockets and ensuring high quality therapy.

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CPAP Mask Liners, 30 day Supply
CPAP Mask Liners, 30 day Supply
Model:  6A-FLK, K10-NS, K1-FS, K4-FS, K7-NS, K8-NM...
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CPAP Mask liners from RemZzzs. These mask liners will increase your comfort and will work with most CPAP masks that we sell.

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