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AirSense and AirCurve Complete Oximetry Kit - ResMed

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The AirSense Oximetry Kit for the AirSense 10 and AirCurve machines by ResMed is a complete kit that enables patients to monitor their oxygen saturation levels.

ResMed AirSense 10 Oximetry Complete Kit

General Overview
The AirSense Oximetry Kit is a full and complete kit that includes an XPOD oximeter, sensor clip, 3M cable, a reusable soft sensor, and an oximetry adapter. An oximeter is used to monitor your oxygen saturation levels; the Air 10 oximeter will connect directly to your AirSense or AirCurve machine. This oximetry kit enables patients to monitor their oxygen saturation levels with incredible effectiveness and accuracy; what's more, patients can store their data remotely for later retrieval and easier transfer.

Blood Samples
Unlike other models, the Air 10 oximeter is able to effectively monitor your oxygen saturation levels without using a blood sample. Hence, patients can gather their necessary information in a totally painless manner.


This oximetry kit is compatible specifically with the AirSense 10 CPAP series and the AirCurve Bi-Level series by ResMed; it will not work with older machines by ResMed or devices built by disparate manufacturers.

Reusable Pulse Oximetry Soft Sensor (Medium size)
Nonin 8000SM offers ultimate flexibility for SpO2 measurement.  The sensor remains comfortable for short-term spot-checking or continuous monitoring. 

  • Suitable for settings where SpO2 monitoring is required
  • Preferred application: Fingers, Toes
  • Easy to clean between uses
  • Provides optimal distribution of pressure
  • Silicone construction, Latex free 
SpO2 Accuracy (Arms Adult/Ped**).....................70 - 100% +/- 2 digits
SpO2 Low Perfusion Accuracy (Arms**)..............70 - 100% +/- 2 digits
Motion........................................................+/- 3 digits
Pulse Rate Accuracy (Arms**)............................18 - 300 BPM +/- 3 digits
Pulse Rate Low Perfusion Accuracy (Arms**)....40 - 240 BPM +/- 3 digits
Operating...................................................0oC to +40oC (+23o to + 104o F)
Storage/Transportation..............................-30oC to +70oC (-22o to +158oF)
Operating...................................................10% - 90% non-condensing
Storage/Transportation..............................10% to 95% non-condensing
** +/- 1 Arms encompasses 68% of the population.  This information is especially useful for clinicians performing photodynamic therapy.


  • Kit includes XPOD oximeter, sensor clip, 3M cable, soft sensor, and oximetry adapter
  • Compatible with the AirSense CPAP series and AirCurve Bi-Level series
  • Monitors oxygen saturation without using a blood sample
  • Does not work with older ResMed machines
  • Monitors/measures your oxygen levels
  • Highly effective and accurate
  • Data can be stored remotely
  • Full oximetry tool kit
90 days for Airsense Oximetry Module
  • 1 x 37302 AirSense Oximetry Module
  • 1 x NONIN 8000SM Medium Soft Sensor* 3ft
  • 1 x 22371 XPOD Fixation Clip
  • 1 x 22374 XPOD Oximeter

*Finger or toe thicknesses:  8000SM 10-19 mm (0.4-0.75 inches)

MIchael R (Verified Purchase)
First, this is a proprietary ResMed device that is not discounted , and is very expensive. O2 saturation falls with airway obstruction, and is only one of the complications of sleep apnea, but the only one that can be monitored at home. In addition, the tools available to patients are limited. I was unable to sucessfully download the readings with Sleepyhead ( Apnea Board), and the patient monitoring software from ResMed (ResScan) does not either. I was able to enroll in ResView and even at that I must take the card out daily and download it to the software . The cellular link to the DME provider and Physican does not include Oximetry data, the patient must submit the data card for readings. All other statistics for treatment are based on pressure and flow measurements. It is unfortunate that Oximetry data is not more acessable to the patient.
That said, of the available oximeters, the one used with the Autosense is easy to use, displays O2 sat while in use, and the finger sensor is comfortable. I use a sleeve to control the wire , and avoid tangles in the bedding. Compared to the otrher finger and ear sensors I have used, this one is stable whiel using the hand, and the readout ahs few gaps due to lack of sensor signal. Since I was able to record data daily with AirView I did not trouble shoot data collection issues with Sloeepyhead.
Summary, it is very expensive compared to other oximeters. It is very difficult to obtain the data. The data obtained is very important, and is trhe only direct measurement at home of complications of airway obstruction.
Charles V (Verified Purchase)
Works perfectly with sleepy head, Oscar, and rescan. You can count on the quality and accuracy of this device. I use Supplemental o2 to go along with my copd and within the first week I found out my o2 prescribed was too low I fell hypoxic with sp02 dropping to 72 and pulse to 19 before waking up to have to use a rescue inhaler. And had similar events the rest of the week before upping from 2l to 3.5l which put me back on track. Thank you very much for this kit, it very may we'll have saved my life! I use an aircurve 10 vauto
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Question using this for the first time, the bottom light is off, not green, should I still do the study or wait ?
Hi there, please give us a call and we can assist you with this. You should see a red light on the finger tip oximeter. Make sure that the modem is plugged in fully on the side of your Airsense 10. 866-936-3754.
Posted: 04/15/2022
Question Does the MyAir app report oxygen data captured by this kit?
Hello, Yes it should report the sat level. Here is a link showing how it will look.
Posted: 01/30/2022
Question Does Medicare pay for this unit
Unfortunately we do not deal with direct billing to Medicare. You would have to call them directly and inquire if this would be covered under your plan. This is not normally a covered item, but you can always check.
Posted: 06/07/2021
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