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SlumberBump Sleep Aid Belt Extender

By Slumber Bump  |  Item No.: EX-BL


The SlumberBump Positional Sleep Belt is a handy tool that can help alleviate snoring, which is often a side effect of CPAP therapy. If you need this positional sleep belt to be just a bit longer to fit comfortably, order this SlumberBump Positional Sleep Belt extender from Resp Shop. It’s just as comfortable and lightweight as the original belt, but it ensures a better fit when the belt is too snug on its own.

The SlumberBump extender measures 15 inches long and 3 ¼ inches wide. Without adding this extender, the SlumberBump Positional Sleep Belt fits chest sizes ranging from 33-59 inches. Once the extender has been added, the belt fits chest sizes from 48-74 inches.

SKU: 1612