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Hans Rudolph Quest Full Face CPAP Mask

Hans Rudolph Quest Full Face CPAP Mask

113715, 113716, 113717, 113718, 113719
Hans Rudolph Quest Full Face CPAP Mask
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Hans Rudolph Quest CPAP Full Face Mask Complete Set

General Introduction

The Quest mask by Hans Rudolph is very easy to install and fit - this "single piece" mask can be pressed over your face in a split second and is easily fastened into place with the headgear straps. The straps are adjustable so patients can obtain a personalized fit without hassle. Moreover, this mask is available in five different sizes - petite, extra small, small, medium and large - so patients can select the most appropriate size for them.

Quick Release Headgear Clips

The headgear is composed of soft, pliable material and is remarkably easy to attach. Also, equipped with special "quick release" clips which allow for rapid detachment from the mask frame; importantly, the clips will preserve any unique adjustments you have made so your customized fit will not be disturbed.

Anti-Asphyxia Valve

In the event that airflow through the mask is stopped, the full face mask is fixed with an anti-asphyxia valve which opens the mask and allows patients to breathe air from the surrounding environment. The valve is programmed to operate and open the mask if the mask pressure falls below a certain critical threshold.

Five Sizes

The Quest is a slightly larger than typical mask and we recommend that patients between sizes opt for the smaller sized mask. That is to say, if you normally wear a medium mask, the small model of the Quest will be the best fit for your facial structure. For a more detailed and specific explanation, please check out our sizing guide, under the Specifications tab above.


  • Comes in a total of five different sizes - petite, extra small, small, medium & large
  • Adjustable headgear - four points of adjustment
  • Single diffusion port for ventilation
  • Elbow has 360 degree rotation
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Quick release headgear tabs
  • Double layered cushion
  • Simple fitting process
  • Produces secure seal
  • Anti-asphyxia valvE
Mask Size Overall Dimensions - inches/ mm
   A     5.9 / 150 5.5 / 140 5.2 / 132 4.8 / 122 4.6 / 117
B     4.2 / 107 4.16 / 105 4.05 / 103 3.95 / 100 3.9 / 99
C     4.7 / 119 4.46 / 113 4.32 / 110 4.2 / 107 4.04 / 103

Introducing the Full Face CPAP Mask by Hans Rudolph




Technical Data

  HCPCS CodeA7030 A7035

Item Includes

  • Full Face Mask
  • Headgear