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Philips EverFlo Q 5L Oxygen Concentrator (1-2 Weeks Shipment Delay)

1020014, 1020015

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Due to Covid-19, ALL EverFlo is Back Ordered Due to High Demand.
All Oxygen Concentrator Sales are Final During CoronaVirus Outbreak.

EverFlo Q 5L Stationary Oxygen Concentrator

Whisper Quiet High Quality Stationary Oxygen Device

The EverFlo Q Oxygen Concentrator by Philips Respironics is a top quality stationary oxygen concentrator which is designed to provide reliable and effective support for patients in need of extra oxygen. The EverFlo Q oxygen device is remarkably simple to operate and, unlike other oxygen concentrators, is whisper quiet and will not disturb users throughout therapy. This oxygen concentrator has two filters and is very easy to maintain.

Convenience Features

The EverFlo Q concentrator is compact and at 31 pounds, is light enough that it can be moved around your house without exerting undue effort. The dual filter design makes this device very easy to clean and maintain.

Oxygen Percentage Indicator (OPI, optional) For Low Oxygen Alarm

What's more, this oxygen concentrator has an OPI alarm system which indicates oxygen percentage when it reaches certain critical low levels. The EverFlo Q is an energy efficient machine which consumes less power and produces less heat than other models.


  • Dimensions - 15 inches (width) x 23 inches (height) x 9 inches (depth)
  • Top notch stationary oxygen concentrator
  • 40 dBA sound level (whisper quiet)
  • Energy efficient device
  • Weight - 31 pounds
  • Simple to operate
  • OPI alarm system
  • Dual filter design
  • Easy to move


Oxygen Patient Achieves Amazing Feat




1020014, 1020015
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