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Devilbiss EasyFit Silicone/Gel Nasal CPAP Mask

DV97210, DV97220, DV97230, ...

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The EasyFit Silicone Nasal CPAP Mask (Soyala) with Headgear from DeVilbiss is a well fitting mask that will enhance compliance in your sleep apnea therapy.

Innovative Nasal Mask Complete Set

New and Improved Nasal Mask

The design of the EasyFit CPAP mask is derived from computer analyses of facial characteristics of approximately 50,000 individuals from around the world. Devilbiss utilized these analyses to create a nasal mask which fits snugly and comfortably for the vast majority of users. With its innovative design, the EasyFit CPAP Nasal Masks for sleep apnea offers unparalleled comfort and convenience for sleep apnea patients.

Superior Design and Greater Comfort

This EasyFit nasal mask comes with a scallop-shaped cushion which helps to create the highest level of comfort. The design of the cushion came about as a consequence of the study on facial characteristics.  Moreover, this EasyFit sleep apnea mask for sale features a ball-and-socket joint at the tubing connector which helps to promote stability. This is particularly beneficial for those who tend to move frequently during sleep. Light in weight and remarkably quiet, the EasyFit CPAP nasal mask guarantees a quality night's sleep without bothersome interruptions.

EasyFit Silicone Nasal CPAP Mask Features

  • Available in large (DV97332), medium (DV97322) and small (DV97312)
  • Scallop-shaped nasal cushions provide secure fit
  • Adjustable forehead support improves customization
  • Ball-and-socket elbow permits greater freedom of movement
  • Light in weight
  • Exceptionally quiet
  • Latex-free
DV97210, DV97220, DV97230, DV97240, DV97322, DV97332, DV97312
A7034, A7035
  • Frame
  • Cushion
  • Headgear
Mask is imported from Werner GrB in Germany. Was introduced in the United States by Somnotec Inc. under the name Sayola. Unique feature is the ball joint elbow where the air hose joins the mask frame. This is a pretty good mask. Quietest on the market.
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