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DreamStation BiPAP AutoSV with Humidifier and Heated Tube - PhilipsDreamStation BiPAP AutoSV with Humidifier and Heated Tube - PhilipsDreamStation BiPAP AutoSV with Humidifier and Heated Tube - Philips

DreamStation BiPAP AutoSV with Humidifier and Heated Tube - Philips

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Top-Notch BiPAP Device with AutoSV

The DreamStation BiPAP AutoSV Machine with Heated Humidifier by Philips Respironics is an exquisite device fully capable of delivering optimal ventilation with very little to no intervention. With it's modernistic and polished design, the DreamStation AutoSV brings you exactly what you need when looking for a BiPAP machine. It's compact and lightweight design is ideal for taking a minimal amount of space on your nightstand, not to mention, this is a great device to pack and travel with. The AutoSV Dreamstation also features a more intuitive interface and bright impactful colour designed screen, that is not only easy to read, it resembles a modernistic alarm clock design moreso than a therapy device on your nightstand. This device was specifically made for those experiencing complex sleep apnea, central sleep apnea, or obstructive sleep apnea. Sleep comfortably knowing that any of these convoluted sleep-disordered breathing tendencies you may be experiencing can be managed to get the most out of your therapy. With a combination of tried and true technologies available, the AutoSV has been clinically proven to recognise and react quickly by changing the pressure needed at that given moment for any of those listed, not to mention, this device also treats periodic breathing such as Cheyne-Stokes respiration.

You're probably thinking to yourself at this moment "what are the differences in these sleep apneas you're talking about? They all sound the same, they're complex" or maybe you're thinking "Geez, sleep apnea sounds complex". To alleviate confusion let us break it down for you. 

The Difference in these Types of Sleep Apnea

  • Complex Sleep Apnea: Patients experiencing Complex Sleep Apnea often time's will exhibit periodic breathing form, meaning during a sleep cycle, breathing ceases up every now and then. With the clinically proven technology of Servo-Ventilation, the algorithm was designed to adjust pressure support so that the users breathing becomes stabilised with very little mechanical intervention. 
  • Central Sleep Apnea: With Central Sleep Apnea, patients will exhibit breathing outlined as a ordinary deep inspiratory cycle followed by a complete halt of breathing. This is normally due to the brain essentially "malfunctioning" during the entire sleep cycle moreso than the airways closing itself. Having the BiPAP AutoSV and it's auto back-up rate designed into the machine, full support is given during those Central Apnea events to encourage spontaneous breathing.
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA): OSA is essentially airflow being nonexistent in the airway due to a blockage of the upper airway lasting 10 seconds or more despite every effort is made to breathe by the patient. By analysing the Apnea/Hypopnea Index(AHI), one can see the number of episodes happening per hour of sleep. Luckily, the BiPAP AutoSV features an algorithm to help with the EPAP allowing for the airways to stay open. With the response to obstructive sleep apnea, the device is constantly searching for the lowest therapy pressure possible without hindering the ability to sleep. 

Auto Servo Ventilation
Perhaps the single most significant reason for purchasing a machine such as the AutoSV is that it delivers air for users who often experience sporadic breathing patterns. With the Servo-ventilation algorithm in this device, it will adjust the pressure support creating a stabilised breathing result while maintaining minimal disturbance to the users sleep cycle. Just the minimal amount of mechanical intervention needed for the user to stay in full sleep. This allows for an adequate amount of ventilation while permitting ordinary pauses in breathing to resume naturally. If you're looking to improve your quality of life, reduce your overall AHI, and reduce the frequency of central and obstructive apneas then this clinically proven DreamStation AutoSV device is for you. 
Digital Auto-Trak Sensitivity

Digital Auto-Trak Sensitivity is a complex algorithm which carefully monitors and gathers an accurate picture of your individual breathing cycle. By adapting to the user disease progression, digital auto-trak adapts to breath triggering and cycling helping to eliminate any need for manual adjustment. Too complicated? Simply put, it is an automated breath triggering, leak compensating algorithm designed to adjust to the users natural breathing cycle. Auto-Trak will detect even the slightest bit of leakage during sleep and then make the necessary adjustments in pressure to correct the situation.

Data Storage

In order to maximize results, it's imperative that patients maintain awareness of the status and progress of their therapy. The DreamStation comes packed with a built-in Bluetooth connection giving your device direct communication with your smartphone(iOS or Android) via the Philips Respiroronics DreamMapper mobile app. If you have a laptop/personal computer with Bluetooth capability then the web-based program will work just as well. With the app being free and allowing you to personalize the data tracking on your account, this is considered a win-win situation. However, Philips is aware that not all users may be tech savvy and quite frankly that is okay as the device simplifies this task with its advanced data storage capabilities made possible with your very own SD card. The SD card allows patients to save, store and retrieve their therapy information without hassle; and with access to a PC, users will also be able to upload and share their data with their physician.

Supplemental Perks

In addition to these superior functions, the DreamStation BiPAP AVAPS machine comes with a variety of other benefits and perks. As a user, you'll be able to receive daily progress feedback from the device via the coloured display. This machine is remarkably quiet and so you (and your bed partner) can sleep without the chance of distraction or disturbance. This machine is also equipped with automatic altitude adjustment, leak detection and compensation, and a handy carrying bag to make transporting the device easier.

Humidification System with Heated Tubing (Optional)

Receiving adequate humidification should be among the chief concerns of sleep apnea patients since humidification can eliminate the negative side effects of therapy. The humidifier attached to the Philips DreamStation AutoSV will monitor the temperature and humidity of your surrounding environment and then maintain optimal humidity levels during sleep. With the humidification system for the AutoSV you won't have to worry about nasal congestion, dryness, sore throat or other undesirable effects. The optional heated tube reduces rainout and controls the air temperature for a more personalized humidification process.

Respironics DreamStation AutoSV BiPAP Features

  • Exceptionally quiet
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Servo-Ventilation Algorithm/ Auto EPAP/Auto Back-up Rate
  • Two Step Filtration System 
  • Leak detection and compensation
  • Advanced humidification system
  • Data tracking with SD card and Integrated Bluetooth Connectivity(DreamMapper)
  • Ambient Light Sensor 
  • Digital Auto-Trak functionality
  • Travel friendly
  • Carrying bag

Ventilation Features:

Digital Auto-Trak   No settings -  fully automated triggering, cycling and leak compensation
Max EPAP: 4 - 30 cm H20

(Minimum pressure support is 2 cm h20)


E0562, E0601
Pressure Range
4 to 30 cm H2O
Starting Ramp Pressure
4 cm H2O to EPAP or EPAP Min
AC Input
100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2.0-1.0 A
Altitude Adjustment
2 Years
Sound Level
27.9 dBA
Data Storage
SD card: 6 months, On-board: 3 months
Dimensions with Humidifier
29.7 x 19.3 x 8.4 cm w/ humidifier
Flex Pressure Relief
1 to 3
Fixed, adaptive
Ramp Time
0 to 45 min (5- minute increments)
UPC Code
Ventilation Features
BlueTooth connectivity, auto EPAP algorithm, Auto Servo Ventilation
1.33 kg/2.94 lbs (machine only)
Weight with Humidifier
1.98 kg/4.37 lbs
  • DreamStation BiPAP Machine
  • Heated Humidifier with Heated Tubing
  • AC Power Supply with AC Cord
  • SD Card
  • Reusable Blue Pollen Filter
  • User Manual




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