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Sleep8 CPAP Sanitizing KitSleep8 CPAP Sanitizing KitSleep8 CPAP Sanitizing KitSleep8 CPAP Sanitizing KitSleep8 CPAP Sanitizing Kityoutube videoYouTube Videoyoutube videoYouTube Videoyoutube videoYouTube Video

Sleep8 CPAP Sanitizing Kit

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Sleep8 CPAP Sanitizing Kit 

The Sleep8 Sanitizing kit is so small and easy to use that cleaning your Pap equipment will be a snap!

The compact design allows for easy travel and can be used with both battery or AC power.  The Sleep8 is compatible with all CPAP and BiPAP equipment making it easy to clean both your travel machine and your home machine.  

This device will clean, sterilize and sanitize 99% of bacteria with Ozone technology.  The unique design of the Sleep8 is lightweight and allows for quiet cleaning, plus there are no extra adapters needed. 

Simply put your equipment in the Sleep8 bag and press the start button, it's that simple. 



  • Palm-size device for both home and travel
  • Safety - All ozone produced goes into the cleaning bag
  • Sleep8 uses both battery and AC power to clean your CPAP supplies
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery - 2200 mAh
  • No water or adapters needed
  • Alarm alerts when Filter Bag is not correctly connected to Sleep8 unit
  • Quiet

Quick Steps in setting up your Sleep8
  1. Connect CPAP tubing inside the bag.  Put in mask and water chamber.  Zip it closed.  Unzip the bag and find the round valve inside.  Detach the tubing from your CPAP machine and attach it to this valve.  Put all CPAP tubing, mask, and dry water chamber inside the bag, then zip the bag closed.
  2. Connect Sleep8 outside the bag.  Slide your Sleep8's triangular port onto the triangular valve on the outside of the bag.  It should be a snug fit.  The device will only work once there's a secure connection.
  3. Press start and relax.  Press the power button until you hear a beep and see the Sleep8 screen light up.  The screen will count down until the sanitization is complete (about 1 hour).  It's normal to hear the fan oscillate and pause for short periods.  When done, your Sleep8 will automatically turn off.  Leave the bag closed for 1 hour after the cleaning is completed.  
AC Input
100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
18-month for defects in device; 1-year for defects in charger, 3-month for defects in bag
DC Power
Rechargeable Lithium battery included
5.25 x 3.25 x 2.125 inches
Extra Features
Alarm alerts when Filter Bag is not correctly connected to Sleep8 unit
UPC Code
1.69 lbs kit; machine = 9.2 oz
  • Sleep8 Unit
  • Sanitizing Filter Bag
  • Micro USB Charger
  • Quick Start Guide
David D (Verified Purchase)
Bought this recently and I just absolutely love it. Used to have to wash my equipment weekly using water and a lite soap, then hang it out to dry. Complete hassle before, but now after I wake up I put all my parts into the bag and turn the device on. When I get back home for the day I pull it back out and reassemble everything. So much easier and quicker than cleaning everything by hand.

Super easy to use, super quiet, portable, and easily rechargeable so I definitely recommend this unit. Especially if you travel a lot.

I have a ResMed Cpap Machine so everything I put in the bag is ResMed; however, I had a much older CPAP machine from a company that isn't around anymore that I was using and all the hoses and water chamber worked in this sanitizing kit. So I know from personal experience that this kit can sanitize most other CPAPs.
Stephen O
Clean machine works as described. The bag is a smart design as it fits all my pieces in one.
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