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Lumin Bullet UVC Light CPAP Hose CleanerLumin Bullet UVC Light CPAP Hose CleanerLumin Bullet UVC Light CPAP Hose CleanerLumin Bullet UVC Light CPAP Hose CleanerLumin Bullet UVC Light CPAP Hose Cleaneryoutube videoYouTube Video

Lumin Bullet UVC Light CPAP Hose Cleaner

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*Not Compatible with heated, AirMini, or Dreamstation Go Tubing

Effortless Effort

Sanitizing your tube with the Lumin Bullet is simple and timing saving compared to the traditional way of cleaning your CPAP tube. Designed to be quick and easy, you could sit through two commercials and it would be ready to use. All that it takes is to insert the sanitizing probe by Lumin into the hose and closing the Lumin Bullet casing around it. Once closed, the magnets in the casing will pick the probe up and have it glide through the tube in such a way that you won't even break a sweat. Just remember, you will will have to glide it with your hand in a gentle manner so that it thoroughly sanitizes the tube along the way. 

Long Lasting
Once the Lumin Bullet is charged, you get 30 days worth of cleaning cycles before it needs to be recharged again. Luckily it doesn't necessarily need to be fully charged to operate as it will operate mid-charge or low-charge so now you have the freedom to clean anywhere you may be. In order to charge the Lumin Bullet, you will plug the USB cord into the bottom connection and plug it to power. A red glow signifies that it is charging while a green light designates full charge. 

Safest Method 
By forgoing industry standard of using Ozone and opting for UV Light, the Lumin steers you away from the possibility of coughs, respiratory infections that could affect the lungs and also prevent chest pains. Ozone that leaks out from systems that are being improperly used can be detrimental to users affected by COPD or Asthma as it will make it worse by exposure, which is why UV Light was the choice of 3B Medical. UV light is powerful enough to kill bacteria that soap, water and vinegar cannot kill. Not to mention, the health industry such as the hospital use UV Light to disinfect their things. Plus, there is no mess to clean up. 

The Lumin Bullet works with most tubes with the exception of the

  • AirSense 10 ClimateLine Air Heated Tube
  • AirSense 10 ClimateLine Air Oxy Heated Tube
  • DreamStation Go 12mm Micro Tubing
Altitude Adjustment
Up to 6,651 ft
1 Year
8.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches (215 x 64 x 64 mm)
10.5 oz
  • Lumin Bullet
  • Sanitizing Probe
  • Charging Cord
Lisa J
Since I can NEVER get the inside of my washed hose completely dry, I thought that this would be a great thing to have. It is a bit tedious pulling the hose through the unit as you should do it slowly in order to give the UV light a chance to do what it does. Since I know that after using the bullet the hose is sterilized, it's really not a big deal. I don't care for the systems that use ozone. To me, I smell the ozone and feel like I'm breathing in stuff I shouldn't be. If you're a germaphobe about your cpap equipment like I am, this is worth the time and investment IMO.
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