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Transcend CPAP Docking Station

Transcend CPAP Docking Station


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Use when placing machine on night stand.

Transcend CPAP Docking Station

Bedside Docking Station

The Transcend CPAP Docking Station manufactured by Somnetics is a handy device which is designed to stabilize and prevent damage to your Transcend CPAP machine. This docking station is intended to be placed on your dresser, bedside table or nightstand as it holds your CPAP machine securely in place. Even though it is very light in weight - it weighs just 1.4 pounds - it is capable of keeping your machine firmly in position. The docking station is very easy to use - simply place the hooks on the side of your Transcend machine into the clamps of the docking station and then make sure you've attained a snug fit.


The Transcend CPAP docking station is a versatile piece of equipment - the docking station will work with all Transcend series CPAP machines, including the Transcend II CPAP machine, the Transcend Auto CPAP machine with EZEX, the Transcend 'Wearable' CPAP machine and others.


  • Can be used with all Transcend Series CPAP Machines, including Transcend Auto CPAP with EZEX and the Transcend II CPAP
  • Designed to be placed on your bedside table
  • Keeps your machine firmly in place
  • Weighs approximately 1.4 pounds
  • Recommended accessory
  • Helps prevent damage
  • Easy to use


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