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Citrus IICPAP Mask Cleaner, 8 oz

By Beaumont Products  |  Item No.: 635871165
Price   $12.50

No Prescription Required

Mask Cleaner for Home Use

Safe and Effective Spray Cleaner

The Citrus II CPAP Mask Cleaner is an effective, safe and affordable tool which has the potential to greatly improve your therapy experience. This spray cleaner can be used to dust off and polish up all types of masks, as well as tubing and other accessories. It doesn't matter whether you have a CPAP, BiPAP or Oxygen Therapy mask, the Citrus II spray cleaner can be put to full use. The Citrus II spray cleaner is designed specifically to remove the dirt, oils and organic material which compromise the lifespan of your CPAP equipment. The Citrus II will not harden, crack or otherwise deteriorate soft plastic, even with repeated and regular use. If you're serious about prolonging the lifespan of your CPAP gadgets and accessories, the Citrus II is the right tool for you.

Citrus II CPAP Mask Cleaner Features

  • Designed to clean all types of CPAP, BiPAP and Oxygen Therapy masks, as well as tubing and accessories
  • Deodorizes and refreshes without creating a lingering odor
  • Will not produce deterioration through regular use
  • Prevents and removes dirt, oil and organic material
  • Contains 8 ounces of spray

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