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Tube Retainer, Mirage Swift II

Tube Retainer, Mirage Swift II

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Tube Retainer, Mirage Swift II

Tube Retainer for Mirage Swift II

High Quality Mask Accessory

The Tube Retainer for the Mirage Swift CPAP Mask Series by ResMed is a handy and convenient accessory that will increase your overall comfort level during therapy. The tube retainer is designed to stabilize your short tube and prevent it from moving during sleep - to achieve this, the tube retainer utilizes a Velcro strap to fasten and secure the short tube to the side of your mask. This package contains a total of 3 tube retainers.


The tube retainer by ResMed has limited compatibility - the retainer will work only with the Mirage Swift mask and headgear and the Mirage Swift II mask and headgear.


  • Only compatible with the Mirage Swift and Mirage Swift II
  • Secures short tube to the side of the mask
  • Package includes 3 tubing retainers
  • Standalone replacement item
  • Easy to attach
  • Velcro straps

Using and Caring for the Mirage Swift II


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