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Diffuser Kit For FlexFit405 Nasal CPAP Mask, 10/pkg


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Diffuser Kit for the Fisher & Paykel FlexiFit HC405 Nasal Mask, 10/pkg

Diffuser Kit for FlexiFit and Oracle Masks

Bundle of Handy Foam Diffusers

The Diffuser Kit for FlexiFit and Oracle Masks by Fisher & Paykel is a handy accessory designed to reduce noise during therapy, direct air away from patients, and promote a better overall therapy experience for patients. This kit comes with a total of 10 foam diffuser filters which are exceptionally easy to install - to use, simply place a single foam diffuser filter in the mask elbow so that it fits snugly and then let the diffuser work its magic. Importantly, patients should be keen to change their diffuser regularly to guarantee the best possible performance.


The diffuser kit will work with a variety of FlexiFit and Oracle CPAP and BiPAP masks - specifically, this kit is compatible with all FlexiFit 405, 406, and 407 nasal CPAP and BiPAP masks and all Oracle HC451 and HC452 Oral CPAP and BiPAP masks.


  • Diffusers should be changed regularly for optimal performance
  • Works with FlexiFit and Oracle CPAP nasal masks
  • Conveniently directs air away from patients
  • Reduces noise and promotes quiet therapy
  • Diffuser is placed in the mask elbow
  • Dimensions - 1.25 in x 0.5 in
  • Comes in a package of 10
  • Simple installation

Cleaning Tips for Your FlexiFit Nasal Mask


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