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Amara View CPAP Mask Clips - Philips

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Replacement Full Face Mask Headgear Clips

Essential Piece

These headgear clips for the Amara View Full Face Mask make for a great replacement or simply have spares as backups. Not only are they durable but they also have high-quality parts that will further add stability and improve your fit and keep your mask from moving. These clips connect the headgear straps to the mask frame and can easily unhook for quick release during those midnight/mid-morning bathroom runs. Best of all, these replacement clips are incredibly easy to use and are built to last for a reasonable length of time.


The replacement headgear clips are essential to any mask however these particular clips are designed and intended to only be used with the Amara View Full Face masks by Philips Respironics. They will not work with other masks by Respironics or any masks by different manufacturers.


  • Does not include headgear, mask frame, cushion, or other parts
  • Connects headgear straps to the mask frame
  • Clips are composed of Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer
  • Compatible with Amara View mask
  • Includes 2 headgear clips
  • Creme White exterior
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