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Breas Vivo 40 BiPAP ST with Humidifier
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Breas Vivo 40 BiPAP ST with Humidifier

By Breas  |  Item No.: Vivo40
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Vivo 40 BiPAP ST Machine with Inbuilt Heated Humidifier

Top Quality BiPAP Device with Humidifier

The Vivo 40 BiPAP ST Machine with Humidifier by Breas is an expertly designed, well manufactured piece of equipment guaranteed to produce above average outcomes for Sleep Apnea patients. The Vivo 40 BiPap machine for sale comes with the HA01 Heated Humidifier which will help prevent nasal congestion, irritation and other negative consequences which can arise from therapy. The Vivo 40 small BiPap machine is also equipped with Target Volume technology, a built-in alarm clock, a bright LCD system, quiet ventilation, and flexible DC power options.

Target Volume

Target Volume technology allows for a much more personalized therapy experience by enabling pressure to be automatically adjusted according to your own unique breathing pattern. This ensures the user a proper amount of air will make it into the lungs without the need for any adjustments. With Target Volume, a tidal volume is produced which results in reliable, customized expiratory relief. Ultimately it will create a gentler, more comfortable experience for users.

eSync Technology

Highly responsive, the Vivo 40 BiPap machine for sale synchronizes smoothly with the patient’s breathing effort. As the patient demands for a new breath the Vivo 40 responds immediately and matches the exact pressure required.

HA01 Active Humidifier

The HA01 Active Humidifier is an effective, reliable, high functioning device which will ensure that users don't suffer from the usual negative side effects of therapy - nasal congestion, irritation, dryness, sore throat and others as well. It is integrated with the Vivo 40 small BiPap machine, so you won't have to deal with extra cords.

Extra Perks

In addition to these neat functions, the Vivo 40 BiPap machines for sale are equipped with a few other things: such as three distinct ventilation modes (clinical & home), a brightly lit display menu, built-in alarm clock and flexible DC power options. The Vivo 40 sleep apnea BiPap is remarkably quiet (emits less than 30 dBA during operation) so you won't be disturbed during sleep. Check out the features on the Breas Vivo 30 BiPap machine.


  • Integrated design means fewer cords and less clutter
  • Quiet machine (less than 30 dBA during operation)
  • Comes with Breas HA01 Active Humidifier
  • Offers three ventilation modes
  • Designed for spontaneous breathing patients who require long term support
  • Built-in alarm clock
  • eSync technology
  • Target Volume
  • Backlit display


Ventilation Modes: Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), Pressure Support Ventilation (PSV), Pressure Control Ventilation (PCV)
Range of Pressure: CPAP: 4-20 cm H2O,IPAP/EPAP 4 - 40 cm H2O/ 2-20 cm H2O
Rise Time: 1 - 9
Inspiratory Trigger (eSync) 1 - 9, Off
Measurment: 7.5 x 9.6 x 8.8 in. ,190 x 243 x 223 mm
Weight with Humidifier and Internal Battery: 8.8 lbs, 4 kg
Filter Type: Replaceable and Non Replaceable Foam
Noise Level: Less than 30 dBA
Breath Rate: 4 - 40 BPM (PVC and PSV mode)
Inspiratory Time: 0.3 to 5 s
Minimal Inspiratory Time: Off, 0.3 - 3.0 s
Maximal Inspiratory Time: 0.3 - 3.0 s, Off
Ramp Function Setting: 10 - 60 min., Off (PCV, PSV and CPAP mode)
Power Power Auto Adjusts Voltage from 100-240V AC/12/24 V DC
Battery: Internal Battery, capacity 3.8 Ah
Humidification Setting: 1 - 9
Warranty Period: 2 years warranty
Target Volume: 200-1500 ml

RX Required.

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