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CPAP / Humidifiers / Water Chamber / Water Chamber, Cleanable, for H4i Heated Humidifier

Water Chamber, Cleanable, for H4i Heated Humidifier

Water Chamber, Cleanable, for H4i Heated Humidifier


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The replacement water chamber for the ResMed H4i heated humidifier is compatible with any H4i heated humidifier, and attaches to any S8 ResMed model.

Water Chamber for H4i Heated Humidifiers

Top Drawer Replacement Water Chamber

Sleep apnea patients who've misplaced or damaged their current water chamber have no reason to worry: the replacement water chamber for H4i Heated Humidifiers will exceed your expectations and keep your machine functioning well. This replacement Resmed H4i Water Chamber has a 390 milliliter water capacity and should be cleaned and maintained regularly in order to ensure a long lifespan and optimal therapy results. Using distilled water is recommended as it will prolong the lifespan of your device and reduce mineral deposits.

Impressive Versatility

This replacement water chamber will work with all H4i (HumidAire) Heated Humidifiers; in addition, it is compatible with all (HumidAire) H3i Heated Humidifiers which have been equipped with the H4i Upgrade Kit.

ResMed H4i Cleanable Water Chamber Features

  • Average lifespan of 2 years (with proper maintenance)
  • Works with all H4i Heated Humidifiers
  • Stainless steel dishwasher plate
  • 390 milliliter water capacity
  • Cleanable by dishwasher
  • Easy disassembly
  • Simple removal

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