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Fisher & Paykel Water Chamber for ICON Series Machine

Fisher & Paykel Water Chamber for ICON Series Machine


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Water Chamber for ICON Series Humidifiers

Convenient Replacement Water Chamber

The Water Chamber for the ICON Series by Fisher & Paykel is a top notch replacement water chamber which will make an excellent addition to your overall therapy system. This ICON water chamber has a large water storage capacity - it holds 420 milliliters - and will provide patients with humidification throughout their entire therapy session. The ICON Fisher and Paykel water chamber is remarkably easy to clean and maintain; using distilled water will improve performance and also expand the life of your chamber.

Compatibility Data

The ICON replacement water chamber is a versatile device - this chamber will work with the ICON Novo, ICON Premo and ICON Auto CPAP machines manufactured by Fisher & Paykel. This chamber cannot be paired with other machines by F&P or disparate manufacturers.


  • Works with all Fisher & Paykel ICON Novo, ICON Premo and ICON Auto CPAP machines
  • Storage capacity - 420 milliliters (fill line)
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Cannot be disassembled
  • Distilled recommended
  • Replacement chamber
  • Easy to maintain
  • Clear exterior


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by David Date Added: Saturday 18 February, 2017

The chamber may be great to perform what it was built to do...but fails miserably due to the inability to remove clean/replace the rubber ring at the top of the chamber.
My chamber developed a mould around and beneath the rubber ring.
I do believe it is this mould which led to me getting a Pseudomonas Infection in my lungs. I have pneumonia.
We have been doing a significant amount of travel overseas and locally...including 4 weeks in Alaska, 3 months traveling in outback Australia and visits to Perth for 2 weeks, Vietnam and Cambodia and 8 days in Borneo. In the last 12 months we would have been home less than half the time.
So regularly washing the chamber in a washing machine was not possible. Carrying distilled water on to a plane is not allowed. Obtaining distilled water in 3rd world countries is very difficult.
My point ...the chamber needs redesigning to allow for the rubber seal/ring to be removed and replaced

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