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Easy Flow 5 Stationary Oxygen Concentrator


For Reference Only

For easy to use, reliable and transportable oxygen, there’s the Easy Flow 5 stationary oxygen concentrator (model PM4351). It has a sleek, compact design, is very durable and features advanced technology to provide a steady supply of oxygen while running cool and quiet.

Easy Flow 5 Advanced Technology

Technological advancements include an oxygen sensor monitor, self-cleaning filter and Smart Start, which eliminates tripped circuit breakers and blown fuses. Even if power is interrupted, it will not stop the flow of oxygen. In the event of loss of power, the Smart Start feature automatically restarts the concentrator.

With the Easy Dial, even inexperienced patients can set their desired oxygen flow to the level required for their oxygen therapy. It’s a user-friendly system that makes oxygen therapy stress free.

  • Sleek and Modern; Easy Transport
  • Automatic Alert lets you know of any change in oxygen purity levels
  • Stationary/Portable System is lightweight and can be easily moved

Important Tip: The internal bacteria filter never needs to be replaced. The Easy Flow stationary concentrator requires little to no maintenance.

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