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AirSep VisionAire 5 Oxygen Concentrator


For Reference Only

The AirSep VisionAire 5 (model AS098-1), weighing just 30 pounds, is the lightest and quietest oxygen concentrator designed for home use. Practical and power efficient, the VisionAire 5 requires virtually no maintenance while providing a reliable source of oxygen in a safe and effective way.

Features of the VisionAire 5 include:

  • Quiet, Efficient Operation – The almost silent VisionAire 5 unit is ideal for comfortable in-home use. It offers 5 liters of oxygen per minute (5 LPM) and is exceptionally energy efficient as a stationary oxygen concentrator.
  • Advanced Safety Features – AirSep’s VisionAire 5 includes a back-lined flow meter for correct settings and accurate viewing, a locking flow mechanism and overdraw protection. It also has a resettable circuit breaker, dual-function compliance/hour meter and a high performance alarm system.
  • Virtually Maintenance Free – The VisionAire 5 is nearly maintenance free, with full support by AirSep, the leaders in oxygen generating systems. Save time and money with this no-maintenance VisionAire 5, while maximizing the operational time of your system. Because there is no filter, the cabinet is smaller, saving space, time and money.

Important Tip: Do not leave the nasal cannula underneath bed coverings or cushions. If the unit is on but isn’t in use, the oxygen will cause the material to become flammable, leading to a fire hazard.


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