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Wizard 310 CPAP Nasal Mask and Headgear -By APEX Medicalyoutube videoYouTube Video

Wizard 310 CPAP Nasal Mask and Headgear -By APEX Medical

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Wizard 310 Nasal Mask – Apex Medical

The Apex Wizard 310 is a traditionally shaped nasal mask for CPAP therapy. The Wizard 310 uses a triangular cushion that sits near the bridge of the nose and above the top lip. The Wizard 310 is unusual thanks to a flexible, ergonomic frame that wraps flat across the forehead, eliminating the silicone forehead pad usually found in a mask of this style. The mask only has three parts, and they come together and apart with just one snap and one click. The snap on cushion is engineered with a multi-point pressure redistribution system to provide a quick and stable seal. Angled air vents are built into the cushion to keep exhaled airflow quiet and directed away from the user and sleeping partners.


  • Forehead support without a silicone pad

  • Contour fitting cushion

  • Secure connections with simple set up and removal

Bendable frame
The Wizard 310 at first glance looks like the typical nasal CPAP mask design, with a stabilizing bar on the frame that comes up between the eyes. Most mask designs of this style end in a forehead pad made of silicone or foam, but the Wizard 310 uses a soft and flexible mask frame that lays flat across the forehead. The ergonomic frame bends with movement and contours to the face. Lightweight and flexible, the frame combines with breathable headgear to provide stability and comfort with a soft forehead support structure. The pad free design removes concerns about red marks in the center of the forehead and simplifies disassembly for cleaning.

Pressure redistribution design
Smartly engineered with a multi-point pressure redistribution system, the nasal cushion gives a soft yet stable fit with minimal leak. The cushion is contoured so that it is thinner on the bridge of the nose for softer support against that delicate area. Compact side supports provide stability and seal. 45 degree angled exhalation ports are built into the cushion itself to provide quiet airflow out and away from the CPAP user and the bed partner.

Set up is a snap
The Wizard 310 only has three parts: the flexible frame, the breathable headgear, and the nasal cushion. Foolproof assembly is a snap. A triangle marking on the cushion points the way to a quick connection with the frame. The headgear slips on quickly over the head and attaches to the frame with only a final one clip connection. Soft connection tubing extending from the frame provides both a quick release connection and more flexibility for movement during sleep.

This mask is for most nasal CPAP mask users, but may benefit you if:

  • You like the stable performance of a traditional nasal mask with forehead support.

  • You value comfort, quiet, and ease of use.

  • You primarily breathe through your nose.

Sizing and Fitting
The Apex Wizard 310 is available with a small, medium, or large nasal cushion. Selecting the right size mask and headgear is critical to your comfort and satisfaction with any sleep apnea mask. The best size cushion for you rests around your nose and not on it. A sizing guide is available here to help you select the best size for your face.

Select a cushion size that sits on your upper lip without occluding your mouth or your nostrils. The tip of the triangular cushion should be just above the tip of the nose and not near or in your eyes.

The flat forehead strap on the flexible frame and headgear should cross the middle of the forehead. The bottom of the headgear should sit below your ears and across the back of the head just above the neck. The top forehead strap should sit midway between the ears and the top of the head.

Over the head fitting

  1. Clip the headgear to the frame on one side.

  2. Hold the cushion near your nose or forehead with one hand.

  3. Lift the headgear over your head with the other hand.

  4. Position the cushion over the nose as the headgear goes in place.

  5. Clip the headgear to the frame on the open side.

  6. Adjust the headgear straps as needed for a gentle, stable mask fit.

Resolving leaks

  • Many leaks resolve by reseating the mask. Gently lift the mask off your face then lower it back down over your nose.

  • Overtightening can exacerbate leaks, cause pain, skin irritation, and red marks.

  • Consider changing sizes of the cushions or headgear if you need to tighten the headgear excessively.

Cleaning and Maintenance
The headgear should be cleaned weekly and the cushion and frame should be cleaned after each use.

Cleaning Process

  1. Remove the headgear and cushion from the frame. The buckles may stay attached to the headgear.

  2. Wash in warm soapy water using a mild soap or diluted dish-washing detergent.

  3. Remove all facial oils from the cushion.

  4. Use a soft bristle brush to clean the air vents on the cushion.

  5. Rinse in fresh water.

All parts should be air dried out of direct sunlight before reassembling the mask.

Important: Do not clean with products containing alcohol, scents, antibacterial agents, antiseptics, bleach, chlorine, or moisturizers.

In the Package

  • Apex Wizard 310 Headgear with Connecting Clips

  • Apex Wizard 310 Nasal Cushion

  • Apex Wizard 310 Flexible Frame

Accessories and Replacement Parts

  • Apex Wizard 310 Nasal Cushion

  • Apex Wizard 310 Headgear with Buckles

  • Apex Wizard 310 Elbow Connector & Frame

  • Apex Wizard 310 Buckles

Component Materials

  • Frame: Thermoplastic ester elastomer (TPEE)

  • Cushion: Silicone mounted on polycarbonate

  • Elbow diaphragm: Silicone rubber

  • Elbow: Polycarbonate

  • Port cap: Silicone rubber

  • Swivel hose: Polycarbonate

  • Headgear Strap: Polyurethane Foam/Nylon/Neoprene

  • Headgear Clips: Acetol 

  • Tubing connector: Polypropylene

  • Quick Release Button: Acetal

Operating Conditions
4-30 cmH20


My doctor told me my BiPAP settings are rather high. He said I cannot wear nasal pillows. Will the Apex Wizard 310 work for me?

The Apex Wizard 310 has been tested and proven effective for pressures up to 30 cmH20 which is higher than many nasal masks. The best way to find out if it works for you is to order one and try it out!

What does that triangle on the cushion indicate?

The triangle helps point the way to proper cushion insertion so that you can be certain the cushion is properly placed in the frame.

Final Comments

The Apex Wizard 310 really builds on the best features from earlier Apex masks. The open face design and flexible headgear bring the stability often only found in masks with a sizable forehead pad. The Wizard 310 is also very easy to put on.

Let the customer service at CPAPman help you find the best size for you and give it a try!
SM07001, SM07002, SM07003
A7034, A7035
Pressure Range
4 - 30 cm H20
6.6 oz
  • Wizard 310 Nasal mask with Headgear
  • User Booklet
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Question Currently have the Apex 210, which I really like. No longer available. What's the difference between 210 and 310?
The Apex Wizard 310 nasal mask is the newer model/version of the 210. If you are used to the 210 nasal mask, but need to upgrade to a newer mask due it being discontinued, I would definitely recommend the 310 for it's similarities. All the parts have been updated for improvement as per the manufacturer. Please note we have a 30 day mask assurance policy, so if you're unhappy with the new mask you try, you can let us know within 30 days and we can provide store credit towards a different mask. Please note this is only applicable once every 6 months. Thank you.
Posted: 07/04/2022
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