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ResPlus BiPAP ST/AVAPS with Heated Humidifier - Beyond MedicalResPlus BiPAP ST/AVAPS with Heated Humidifier - Beyond MedicalResPlus BiPAP ST/AVAPS with Heated Humidifier - Beyond Medical

ResPlus BiPAP ST/AVAPS with Heated Humidifier - Beyond Medical

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ResPlus BiPAP ST/AVAPS with Heated Humidifier

ResPlus B-30P BiPap/AVAPS Machines provide effective, comfortable, and quiet therapy for sleep apnea patients. The machine and heated humidifier are detachable to make it easier to travel in the included travel bag. A large capacity water chamber (300ml) will allow the user to get 1-2 nights of use before having to refill the water. The “auto-on” feature will sense breathing and start the machine automatically.

The ResPlus BiPAP ST/AVAPS is capable of monitoring your breathing rate and adjusting pressure depending on your inhalation and exhalation needs. The device provides inspiratory positive airway pressure and also has a backup rate to make sure that you get enough breaths per minute, even when you do not breathe spontaneously.
*Note, no built-in WIFI modem. Data management via SD card only.

Belex Function

Setting the Belex function while the device is in CPAP Mode will enable the device to detect the respiratory rhythm of the user. This function will lower the pressure in the mask during exhalations to make the user feel more comfortable.

Ramp Function

When using the Ramp Function, the device will begin at a low initial pressure and increase to the desired pressure setting in a steady rise over the time period selected by the user. After this function is selected, press the On/Off button once, the device will start to run in accordance with the Ramp Function’s settings. Press the On/Off button a second time, the device will cancel the Ramp Function and run at the selected pressure.

Key Features

  • Compact and quiet (<30dBA)
  • Colorful 3.5" LCD screen with intelligent operation interface
  • Smart backlight - screen light will turn off after the set time elapses (30-600 seconds)
  • Heated humidifier is detachable or easy to transport (machine can run without humidifier attached)
  • Automatic leak compensation
  • Ramp feature
  • Automatic altitude adjustment
  • Failure alarms
  • Power saving mode
  • Auto on/off
  • Portable and user friendly
  • Compatible with SPO2 module (sold separately)
  • Real-time data monitoring

Perfect for traveling

For convenience at security checkpoints, there is a note on the bottom of the device stating that it is medical equipment. It may be helpful to bring the user manual along with you to assist the security personnel to have a better understanding of this device.

Cleaning, Disinfection, and Maintenance 

Based on hygienic reasons, under normal usage, it is recommended that the operator or user service and/or replace the parts as shown below:

  • Clean the device, tube, and filter before using it for the first time
  • Empty the water tank and clean it daily to prevent bacterial/mold growth
  • Clean the air filter at least once every 2 weeks
  • Replace the air filter at least every 3 mo (stock up more filters here)

Instruction on Adding Water Into Water Tank

Note: Use distilled water only. Turn off the humidifier when the water tank is empty. Turn the device off before refilling the water. Do not add water when the humidifier is in operation. Do not let any water enter the host unit.

A7034, A7037, E0562, E0471
Pressure Range
4 to 30 cm H2O (in 0.5 cmH2O increments)
AC Input
100v-240v (50-60Hz), 1.8A max
1 year from the original date of purchase
Sound Level
< 30dBA
Disposable Air Filter
Operating Modes
CPAP, Bi-Level, T, S/T, APCV
Data Storage
TF Card
Device Language
Chinese, English
280*200*112 mm
Auto (6 scale): 0 - 5
Humidifier Included
Yes, Integrated Humidifier
Maximum Pressure
30 cmH20 (Maximum Pressure)
Ramp Time
0-60 minutes
2.65 lbs
Weight with Humidifier
4.85 lbs.

Heated Humidifier & Water Tub
Durable Carrying Case
Micro-SD Memory Card
22mm Standard Tubing (6 ft.)
Power Supply Cords
2 Air Filters
User Manual

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Question Do you carry replacement power supplies that are compatible with the Beyond Medical ResPlus BiPAP?
I am sorry at this time we do not have that part available. If you have any other questions, please contact our office and we would be happy to assist.
Posted: 06/22/2022
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