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Heated Humidifier For S8 Series CPAP Machines


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The H4i Heated Humidifier can be attached easily to your CPAP machine. After connection, the H4i is exceedingly easy to operate and maintain.

Standalone Heated Humidifier with Sealed Water Tub

High-Performance Heated Humidifier

Humidifiers have a very important task: humidifiers are designed to prevent nasal dryness, nasal congestion, throat soreness, and other harmful side effects of CPAP therapy. ResMed S8 Humidifier accomplishes this task by regulating air humidity and providing additional moisture during sleep. Among humidifiers currently on the market, the H4i by ResMed is second to none in terms of performance and quality. The H4i Heated Humidifier with a sealed water tub will ensure that you wake up without dryness, congestion, or other unpleasant symptoms.

Effective and Convenient

The H4i Heated Humidifier attaches easily to your ResMed S8 CPAP machine. After attachment, the H4i is exceedingly easy to operate and maintain. The H4i offers easy humidity control so that you can make adjustments without hassle. What's more, it features a convenient fliptop lid, a scratch-resistant surface, and a water capacity of 390 milliliters (for the tub). The water tub detaches easily from the humidifier body and is very easy to clean. Altogether, the H4i ResMed S8 humidifier is sure to enhance the quality of your therapy without adding discomfort or inconvenience.

ResMed S8 Heated Humidifier Features

  • Reduces rainout and prevents nasal dryness and congestion
  • Water capacity - 390 milliliter
  • Attaches to S8 machine easily
  • Water tub detaches easily
  • Scratch resistant surface
  • Easy humidity control
  • Easy to clean
  • Fliptop lid

Getting the Most out of Your Humidifier



Jason N (Verified Purchase)
I received my humidifier very promptly and this was over the Thanksgiving holiday. Item was brand new in the box and has worked flawlessly. It's not the newest and greatest but works just fine for me.
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Question July 27, 2021


I recently received a new CPAP machine from my sleep health care provider (a Philips DreamStation 2) . I noticed in the morning that the humidifier tank is mostly full and I wind up with dry nasal passages. This happens even on the highest temperature setting. I called the provider and I learned that the machine has a built in humidity sensor which supposedly adjusts the heat in the tank based on the humidity in the bedroom. This particular CPAP machine does not have any option to keep the humidifier on a constant heat level. Will I be able to somehow connect this "Heated Humidifier for S8 Series CPAP Machines" to my machine, and if yes, will it work so as to provide constant warm moisture? If not, are there any other suitable humidifiers you have that could be connected to my machine?

Thank you,

Michael Bouchard
Tel: (518) 542-5450
The humidifier for the S8 will not work with the dreamstation 2. It is for a different machine by ResMed (a different manufacturer). The dreamstation 2's humidifier is built in and there isn't a way to use a different humidifier with your machine. Please check to see that your humidity, not the heated tube temperature is the setting you've been increasing. If your humidity is already at 5, try decreasing your heated tube down to 1 or turn it off.
Posted: 07/27/2021
Question I have a Resmed Elite ii machine with a H4i Humidifier; Although it is old it works fine but I would like to replace the Humidifier as the heat plate is peeling and I think it impacts the effectiveness of the unit;
Are the H4i Humidifiers available? My local DME retailer says they are not.
Yes, we do have the whole humidifier and chamber available for the series 8 device. The machine is now discontinued but we do carry some parts till we run out. We would be happy to ship you one upon purchase, no prescription required.
Posted: 06/15/2022
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