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Swivel Connector, Male to Male, 22 mm to 22 mm

Swivel Connector, Male to Male, 22 mm to 22 mm
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Swivel Connector, Male to Male, 22 mm to 22 mm
By AG Industries  |  Item No.: CP7041
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Male to Male Swivel Connector

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The Swivel Connector by AG Industries is a multi-functional, well-constructed and versatile piece of equipment which has a male to male configuration and can be installed quickly and easily. This swivel connector is placed between your tube and your mask and is able to provide patients with greater freedom of movement and more sleeping position options. Both ends of this swivel connector are 22mm in diameter.

Tube Extension Device

In addition to connecting your mask and tube, this swivel connector can also function as an extension or coupling device - patients can use this connector to join together two disparate tubes for the purpose of creating a single longer tube. Creating a single longer tube in this manner is one means for further increasing your ability to move about during sleep.

Compatibility Information

This swivel connector is remarkably versatile and will work with all standard masks of whatever sort - nasal, nasal pillow and full face. When used as an extension or coupling mechanism, this swivel connector can join together any two tubes provided that they are 22mm in diameter.


  • Acts as an extension device - joins two disparate tubes to create a single longer tube
  • Versatile - fits all standard masks of any type (nasal, nasal pillow and full face)
  • Permits greater freedom of movement
  • Allows a variety of sleeping positions
  • Both ends are 22mm in diameter
  • Connects to your mask and tube
  • Quick installation

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