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CPAP Tubing - Grey Medical Grade

CPAP Tubing - Grey Medical Grade
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CPAP Tubing - Grey Medical Grade
By AG Industries  |  Item No.: CPG142C, CPG144C, CPG145C
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CPAP Tubing with Silicone Rubber is manufactured by high quality silicone rubber with scientific technology, with cutting edge technology processing.

It has great flexibility, resistance in high temperatures, stability, and can be widely used for providing insulation protection for CPAP machines.

CPAP machine manufactures provide a standard length six foot air tubing. Longer or shorter lengths, from 18 inches to 12 feet, are available.

CPAP manufacturers have standardized tubing and fittings at 22 mm so that any air tube will fit any CPAP machine.

There are three grades of CPAP air tubing, medical, homecare (lightweight), and disposable. Medical grade tubing will last the longest, disposable the shortest period of time. Medical grade tubing will usually last one to three years depending on how it is taken care of.

Condensation (rainout) can be reduced or eliminated by using the appropriate Insulating sleeve.

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