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Your CPAP therapy shouldn't slow you down. Somnetics Transcend portable CPAP machines and accessories are designed for the active user and are available at Whether you want to spend the weekend camping in the wilderness or traveling to an exotic destination, Transcend respiratory therapy machines go wherever you do, so you can have the freedom to sleep anywhere.

Portable Design

Compact and lightweight, Somnetics Transcend CPAP machines are designed to be portable. The instruments are perfectly shaped to fit in the palm of your hand and feature a smooth surface with flat buttons that won't get caught in your luggage. Transcend CPAP machines and accessories can be fully disassembled for travel and cleaning. They are FAA approved for all major airlines and are small enough to fit in a carry-on bag. Thanks to an array of power options, you can travel without limitations or the need to buy additional machinery.

Designed for Active Users

Regular CPAP machines are limited to use in areas where a regular supply of power is available. Transcend CPAP machines can be connected to portable power options for off-grid use. For extended periods without access to an outlet, Transcend offers a solar power option that collects energy from the sun to power to your CPAP all night long. There's even a waterless humidification option to keep you breathing easy, even when you're days deep into the wilderness. If your adventures involve a road trip, Transcend CPAP car adapters help get you where you're going with ease.

With Somnetics Transcend portable CPAP machines, you'll never have to worry about your therapy device slowing you down. The brand's line of compact, portable CPAP units and innovative power options make possible to live an active lifestyle while still getting a great night's sleep, no matter where you are. CPAP instruments and accessories are sold separately to make it easy to mix and match to create a setup that's right for your needs.

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