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FREE CPAP Mask cleaner

  • Receive a FREE CPAP mask cleaner for every CPAP mask you purchase
  • Not apply to ResMed masks
  • This is for US customers only because US Postal Service does not ship liquid products via air mails

    FREE CPAP Filters

    FREE CPAP Filters for The Next Three Years if you buy a CPAP machine

  • For Respironics machines only

    Why free filters?
    Many users forget to replace their CPAP filters time to time. Dirty filters may damage your CPAP machine motors. We would like to guarantee your purchase satisfaction by supplying these filters.

    How many filters do you give for free and how often do I replace filters?
    whenever you start to see them get fairly dirty, or every three months at most. So we will mail you 12 filters which are good for three years.

    Do I need to replace washable filters?
    No. If they are dirty, rinse them out and let them air dry at least once every other week.
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