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With more than 18 million Americans suffering from sleep apnea, more and more people are turning to the Internet to find a CPAP mask solution that is affordable and comfortable. SleepNet masks are designed with comfort in mind and feature moldable shells that bend and flex to fit the unique contours of the wearers face. This helps eliminate irritating pressure points for a better, more comfortable night's sleep. SleepNet masks are designed to work with most major brands of CPAP machines and are value priced to make a great night's rest within everyone's reach.

Air-Gel Cushion Technology

SleepNet masks feature air-gel cushion technology on the edges of the mask where it makes contact with the face. The thick layer of gel works to eliminate pressure points and skin irritations, which can be embarrassing and difficult to remedy. The cushioned gel layer is lightweight, yet conforms easily to fit the contours of the wearer's face for a better fit with less leakage. Air-gel masks are lighter than standard CPAP masks and work with most CPAP machines.

Custom Fit

SleepNet masks are designed to fit to the face, not to fit the face to the mask. The flexible masks can be pinched, bent, molded and shaped for a perfect fit with less leakage and greater comfort than ever before. The durable masks can be shaped and reshaped repeatedly without losing their strength or dependability.

Headgear that Holds Tight

One of the most common complaints of CPAP users is that their headgear disengages or moves their mask during the night as they move in their sleep. The SleepNet headgear connector is designed with a special active connector that moves with the user, holding tight and staying in place. Your mask won't fall off in the night and you'll never have to worry about your headgear breaking the seal.

For the best fit and all-night comfort, choose a SleepNet mask from We carry several SleepNet masks to choose from with various features and attributes that will help ensure a great night's rest. Improve your sleep apnea symptoms the easy way by switching to a mask that's strong, flexible and comfortable to wear.

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SleepNet iQ Blue Vented Nasal CPAP Mask
SleepNet iQ Blue Vented Nasal CPAP Mask
Model:  50655, 50647
By SleepNet
 (2.5)   2 reviews

The iQ Blue Vented Nasal Mask with Headgear is SleepNet's latest mask. The iQ can be customized to fit the unique contours of most faces and is a durable mask.

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SleepNet Mojo Full Face CPAP Mask
SleepNet Mojo Full Face CPAP Mask
Model:  50835, 50836, 50837
By SleepNet
 (5.0)   1 review

An innovative design, the Mojo mask includes a thumb wheel which improves leak control at the bridge of the nose and boasts a countered shell which adjusts to your facial structure.

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