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Located in Hampton, NH, SleepSense focuses on creating high quality gel masks which raise patient comfort levels and therapy outcomes. The team at SleepNet believes that gel based masks have the greatest potential to deliver effective and comfortable treatment. The gel masks produced by SleepNet offer patients a tremendously soft feel and will permit a customized fit.

SleepNet produces a large variety of gel based masks and an assortment of mask accessories; three masks by SleepNet are available here: the iQ Blue Vented Nasal Mask, the Aura Vented Nasal Mask and the Mojo Full Face CPAP Mask. Importantly, all of these masks possess SleepNet's innovative AIR gel cushion which enables to receive a truly stable and personalized fit. The AIR gel cushion by SleepNet will deliver high comfort levels and maximize therapy results.

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